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CD BDL0002020 Jazz n/a Basie,Count 20 Golden Pieces  
CA BDL0002020 n/a Basie,Count 20 Golden Pieces  
CD MSI0162590 Jz n/a Basie,Count Afrique  
CD MSI0059061 Jz n/a Basie,Count All Of Me -Remastere  
CD MSI0812598 Jz n/a Basie,Count Anthology -+2 Bonus  
CD MSI0035549 Jz n/a Basie,Count April In Paris -+8 B  
CD MSI0559666 Jz n/a Basie,Count April In Paris -Limi  
CD POL0833776 Jazz n/a Basie,Count At Newport  
CD MSI0547352 Jz n/a Basie,Count Atomic Band In Conce  
CD MGC0000013 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Autumn In Paris  
CD PAB0310925 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Basie & Friends  
CD MSI1005663 Jz n/a Basie,Count Basie -Limited Editi  
CD PAB0310756 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Basie Big Band  
CD PAB0310718 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Basie Jam  
CD MSI1003499 Jz n/a Basie,Count Basie Jam -Limited E  
CD MSI0059063 Jz n/a Basie,Count Basies Beatle Back -  
CD CSP0024669 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Best Of  
CD PAB0405408 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Best Of  
CD PAB0405422 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Best Of Basie Big Ba  
CD MSI0203986 Jz n/a Basie,Count Blues By Basie  
CD MSI0794232 Jz n/a Basie,Count Blues By Basie -Rema  
CD MSI0211011 Jz n/a Basie,Count Count Basie & Kansas  
CD PSV0689912 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Count Basie Story  
CD MSI0210514 Jz n/a Basie,Count Count Basie Story -4  
CD MSI0113725 Jz n/a Basie,Count Cute  
CA QUI0005028 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Deacon  
CD CBS0044150 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Essential Basie Vol.  
CD CBS0040608 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Essential Basie,#1  
CD MSI0209505 Jz n/a Basie,Count Essential Best  
CD CBS0040835 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Essential,#2  
CD MSI0210159 Jz n/a Basie,Count Famous Jazz Sessions  
CD PAB0310920 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Fancy Pants  
CD PAB0310712 Jazz n/a Basie,Count For The First Time  
CD MSI1003521 Jz n/a Basie,Count For The First Time -  
CD SLA0005726 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Forever Gold  
CD PAB0310924 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Get Together  
CD MSI0035515 Jz n/a Basie,Count Gold Collection  
CD MSI0201793 Ez n/a Basie,Count Golden Greats  
CD MSI0114034 Jz n/a Basie,Count Great  
CD POL0833774 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Greatest  
CD OJC0000824 Jazz n/a Basie,Count I Told You So  
CD POL0833805 Jazz n/a Basie,Count In London  
CD PAB0310750 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Jam Session Montreux  
CD MSI0210430 Jz n/a Basie,Count Jazz Indispensable  
CD MSI0410759 Jz n/a Basie,Count Jazz Masters  
CD MSI1005715 Jz n/a Basie,Count Jive At Five  
CD OJC0000449 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Kansas City-Vol.6  
CD DEN0073790 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Legend,Legacy  
CD MSI0220821 Jz n/a Basie,Count Legendary Big Bands  
CD MSI0130055 Jz n/a Basie,Count Les Incontournables  
CD MSI0130786 Jz n/a Basie,Count Lil Ol Groovemaker -  
CD CBY0001011 n/a Basie,Count Live (August 5, 1958  
CD PAB0308246 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Live In Japan (1978)  
CD DEN0001018 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Long Live The Chief  
CD MSI0120589 Jz n/a Basie,Count Makin Whoopee  
CD PAB0310891 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Me & You  
CD OJC0000377 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Montreux (1977)  
CD OJC0000379 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Montreux Jam (1977)  
CD MSI0804460 Jz n/a Basie,Count Most Famous Hits  
CD PHO0007575 Big Band n/a Basie,Count On The Coast-Vol.2  
CD MSI0794498 Jz n/a Basie,Count One O'Clock Jump  
CD MSI0806556 Jz n/a Basie,Count One O'Clock Jump  
CD MSI0097043 Jz n/a Basie,Count Planet Jazz  
CD MSI0564352 Jz n/a Basie,Count Portrait Of  
CD PAB0310797 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Prime Time  
CD HIN0000224 Jazz n/a Basie,Count Radio Recordings (19  
CA HIN0000224 n/a Basie,Count Radio Recordings (19  
CD MSI0791407 Jz n/a Basie,Count Swingin The Blues -R  
CD JVC0000021 Jazz 12/99 Basie,Count 88 Basie Street (Xrc  
CD STV0002039 Jazz 10/99 Basie,Count Fresno,Ca.Arpil 24,1  
CD MAA0001027 Big Band 09/99 Basie,Count Swing Swift  
CD COL0212007 Jazz 08/99 Basie,Count Cocktail Hour  
CD MJA0000153 Jazz 06/99 Basie,Count Vol.10  
VHS RHI0002582 03/99 Basie,Count Jazz Casual  
CD CAP0097871 Jazz 01/99 Basie,Count Atomic Swing  
CD LAS0017133 Big Band 11/98 Basie,Count Basie In Europe  
CD MAL0001203 Jazz 11/98 Basie,Count Paris Jazz Concert 1  
CD FIN0001111 Jazz 09/98 Basie,Count Gold Collection  
CD MAA0001024 Big Band 09/98 Basie,Count Count Plays Duke  
CD POL0557455 07/98 Basie,Count Basie'S Beatle Bag  
CD WB0045946 Jazz 07/98 Basie,Count Live At Sands (Befor  
CD GRP0009920 Jazz 06/98 Basie,Count Swing-Sation Series  
CD JAV0159122 Jazz 06/98 Basie,Count Blues & Boogie Woogi  
CD GRP0000822 05/98 Basie,Count Straight Ahead  
CD SSC0028449 Jazz 04/98 Basie,Count Ain'T That The Truth  
CD CED0000009 Jazz 03/98 Basie,Count Makin' Whoopie  
CA LAS0079789 Jazz 01/98 Basie,Count Corner Pocket  
CD EPM0015792 Jazz 01/98 Basie,Count Featuring Anita O'Da  
CD EPM0015805 Jazz 01/98 Basie,Count Golden Years-Vol.1  
CD EPM0015806 Jazz 01/98 Basie,Count Golden Years-Vol.2  
CD EPM0015807 Jazz 01/98 Basie,Count Golden Years-Vol.3  
CD EPM0015823 Jazz 01/98 Basie,Count Masterpieces-Vol.8  
CA DRI0041063 01/98 Basie,Count On The Upbeat  
CD CIR0000060 Big Band 12/97 Basie,Count 1944  
CD CIR0000130 Big Band 12/97 Basie,Count 1944 & 1945  
CD NTR0007029 Jazz 12/97 Basie,Count Alumni Sessions-Vari  
CD PHO0007555 Big Band 12/97 Basie,Count Count On The Coast V  
VHS VTG0002005 Big Band 12/97 Basie,Count Whirly Bird  
CD LAS0055556 Big Band 11/97 Basie,Count Essential Count Basi  
CD LAS0015789 11/97 Basie,Count Corner Pocket  
CD JZU0002028 Jazz 11/97 Basie,Count Birdland 1956  
CD DRI0041096 Jazz 09/97 Basie,Count At The Royal Roost-N  
CD DRI0041063 Jazz 09/97 Basie,Count On The Upbeat  
CD SSC0013312 Jazz 09/97 Basie,Count Basie'S Best  
CD OJC0000933 Jazz 08/97 Basie,Count At The Montreaux Jaz  
CD POL0521402 06/97 Basie,Count April In Paris  
CD LAS0017096 Jazz 10/96 Basie,Count Blues Alley  
CD OJC0000906 Jazz 10/96 Basie,Count Me & You  
CD GRP0000202 09/96 Basie,Count Basie & The Kansas C  
CD CBS0064966 09/96 Basie,Count This Is Jazz #11  
CD PAB0004419 Jazz 08/96 Basie,Count Golden Years  
CD GRP0000655 Jazz 07/96 Basie,Count Best Of Early Basie  
CD MFI0000652 Jazz 07/96 Basie,Count April In Paris  
CD RCA0068493 Jazz 04/96 Basie,Count Greatest Hits  
CD CAP0037241 Jazz 04/96 Basie,Count With Sarah Vaughan  
CD OJC0000888 Jazz 02/96 Basie,Count Kansas City-Vol.5  
CD OJC0000854 Jazz 05/95 Basie,Count On The Road  
CD CBS0066374 Jazz 05/95 Basie,Count Best Of The Big Band  
CD POL0527031 Jazz 02/95 Basie,Count Jazz Round Midnight  
CD CAP0028635 Jazz 05/94 Basie,Count Complete Atomic Basi  
CD OJC0000808 Jazz 04/94 Basie,Count 88 Basie Street  
CD POL0519819 Jazz 03/94 Basie,Count Verve Jazz Masters-2  
CD POL0519849 Jazz 11/93 Basie,Count Hits Of Frank Sinatr  
CD WB0045162 Jazz 09/93 Basie,Count This Time By Basie  
CD LAS0015797 Jazz 07/92 Basie,Count One O'Clock Jump  
CD LAS0015763 Jazz 06/92 Basie,Count W-Jimmy Rushing & Jo  
CD OJC0000732 Jazz 05/92 Basie,Count Farmer'S Market Barb  
CD TEL0083312 Jazz 05/92 Basie,Count Live At El Moocco  
CD CAP0097969 Jazz 03/92 Basie,Count Best Of  
CD GRP0000611 Jazz 03/92 Basie,Count Complete Decca Recor  
CD OJC0000687 Jazz 02/92 Basie,Count Basie Jam-Vol.3  
CD OJC0000690 Jazz 02/92 Basie,Count Kansas City-Vol.7  
CD OJC0000688 Jazz 02/92 Basie,Count Night Rider  
CD PAB0310945 Jazz 07/91 Basie,Count Fun Time  
CD OJC0000631 Jazz 04/91 Basie,Count Basie Jam-Vol.2  
CD NWK0002038 Big Band 04/02 Basie,Count V.1-Alternative Take  
CD CAP0090612 Jazz 03/02 Basie,Count April In Paris  
CD RCA0063903 Jazz 03/02 Basie,Count Kansas City Powerhou  
CD MBA0000104 Jazz 02/02 Basie,Count Best Of  
CD RRM0001311 Jazz 02/02 Basie,Count Basie Boogie  
CD LRC0000028 Jazz 11/01 Basie,Count In Europe  
CD AGJ0000013 Jazz 10/01 Basie,Count Jump King Of Swing  
CD CAP031791B Jazz 09/01 Basie,Count Breakfast,Dance & Ba  
CD OTO0009041 Jazz 09/01 Basie,Count Class Of '54  
CD CLP0001139 Jazz 09/01 Basie,Count Swingin'At The Chatt  
CD PPX0000019 Jazz 05/01 Basie,Count Count Basie Story  
CD JZB0002162 Big Band 03/01 Basie,Count At Birdland Summer 1  
CD CLL0006637 Jazz 02/01 Basie,Count Blues By Basie-One O  
CD VLC0032087 Jazz 01/01 Basie,Count Jazz Masters:C Basie  
CA VLC0032087 01/01 Basie,Count Jazz Masters:C Basie  
CD MRW0072046 Jazz 01/01 Basie,Count Gold Collection-40 C  
CD EMB0003372 Dance 11/00 Basie,Count And Friends  
CD STS0001037 Big Band 11/00 Basie,Count Live (1958 & 1959)  
CD POL0549090 Jazz 11/00 Basie,Count Ken Burns Jazz  
CD JVC0060257 Big Band 10/00 Basie,Count Basie Big Band (Xrcd  
CD MJA0000048 Dance 10/00 Basie,Count Vol.4 (1937)  
CD CLP0000923 Jazz 10/00 Basie,Count Anthology  
CD AGJ0000002 Big Band 09/00 Basie,Count Count Basie Organisa  
CD NIM0002006 Jazz 08/00 Basie,Count Swing Legends  
CD COL0212011 Jazz 07/00 Basie,Count Jumpin'  
CD CLL0005901 Jazz 07/00 Basie,Count Best  
CD SOU0004128 Jazz 07/00 Basie,Count Lang-Worth Transcrip  
CD OUR0101063 Jazz 03/00 Basie,Count Cool Count  
CD UQJ0001027 Big Band 01/00 Basie,Count Live In 1953! At Bir  
CD MJA0000003 Dance 01/00 Basie,Count Vol.1 (1929-30)  
CD MJA0000158 Dance 01/00 Basie,Count Vol.11-1939  
CD MJA0000004 Dance 01/00 Basie,Count Vol.2 (1930-32)  
CD MJA0000013 Dance 01/00 Basie,Count Vol.3 (1929-37)  
CD MJA0000085 Dance 01/00 Basie,Count Vol.6 (1938)  
CD MJA0000111 Dance 01/00 Basie,Count Vol.8 Count Basie 19  
CD MJA0000115 Dance 01/00 Basie,Count Vol.9-1939  

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