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CD CBS0036674 Classical n/a Haydn Cello Concertos,In D  
CD CBS0039310 Classical n/a Haydn Cello Cto Op.101-Yo  
CD DLS0003064 Classical n/a Haydn Concerto In G Sym.No  
CD CBS0039772 Classical n/a Haydn Flute Cto-Rampal,Jea  
CD ARA0006625 Classical n/a Haydn London Piano Sonatas  
CD CBS0037786 Classical n/a Haydn London Trios Nos.1-4  
CD POL0423097 Classical n/a Haydn Nelson Mass  
CD CBS0044918 Classical n/a Haydn Piano Sonatas-  
CD EA0079162 Classical n/a Haydn Piano Sonatas-Kalish  
CD CBS0044914 Classical n/a Haydn Seven Last Words Of  
CD DLS0003062 Classical n/a Haydn Symphony Nos.21 & 96  
CD DLS0003061 Classical n/a Haydn Symphony Nos.22 & 10  
CD TEL0080156 Classical n/a Haydn Symphony Nos.31 & 45  
CD NAX0550284 Classical n/a Haydn Symphony Nos.44,88,1  
CD NAX0550382 Classical n/a Haydn Symphony Nos.45 & 48  
CD DLS0003001 Classical n/a Haydn Trumpet Concertos  
CD TEL0080232 Classical n/a Haydn Trumpet Concertos-Sm  
CD MSI0207034 Clas n/a Haydn Unesco Classics  
CD CHN0000645 Classical 11/99 Haydn St.Nicholas Mass  
CD NAX0999466 Classical 11/99 Haydn Piano Trios Complete  
CD CAP073566B Classical 10/99 Haydn Symphony Nos.101 & 1  
CD AC0098047 Classical 10/99 Haydn Franciscus Quartet  
CD CVC0005002 Classical 10/99 Haydn Seven Last Words  
CD MUA0001050 Classical 09/99 Haydn Trumpet Concerto In  
CD GRR0078916 Classical 08/99 Haydn Quatuor Pro Arte  
CD BBC0008008 Classical 08/99 Haydn Symphony No.25  
CD SKY0008501 Classical 07/99 Haydn 5 Piano Sonatas  
CD POL0460628 Classical 07/99 Haydn London,Suprise & Mil  
CD TLD0017141 Classical 07/99 Haydn Piano Sonatas  
DVD IME0005038 Classical 07/99 Haydn Creation  
CD ITM0037012 Classical 07/99 Haydn Symphony No.104  
CD NAX0550854 Classical 06/99 Haydn String Quartets Op.1  
CD CHN0000640 Classical 06/99 Haydn Nelson Mass  
CD OLY0000658 Classical 06/99 Haydn Orfeo Ed Euridice  
CD VIR0061567 Classical 06/99 Haydn Symphony Nos.88-92  
CD ASV0001057 Classical 05/99 Haydn String Quartets,Op.2  
CD NAX0553363 Classical 05/99 Haydn Symphonies-Vol.20  
CD BRC0009353 Classical 03/99 Haydn String Quartet In C,  
CD ASV0000236 Classical 03/99 Haydn String Quartets  
CD NAX0550853 Classical 03/99 Haydn String Quartets  
CD VAC0000005 Classical 03/99 Haydn Sturm Und Drang Sym.  
CD OLY0000407 Classical 02/99 Haydn Symphonies  
CD CAP0056756 Classical 02/99 Haydn Solo Piano Recital  
CD NAX0999513 Classical 02/99 Haydn Der Babgeiger Zu Wor  
CD MRN0084393 Classical 01/99 Haydn Nelson Mass  
CD CHN0000633 Classical 01/99 Haydn Missa In Tempore Bel  
CD ARA0006717 Classical 10/98 Haydn Two Vocal Rarities  
CD NAX0553825 Classical 09/98 Haydn Paino Sonatas-Vol.8  
CD ARR0047314 Classical 08/98 Haydn Three Symphonies  
CD BRC0009338 Classical 08/98 Haydn Lieder  
CD NAX0553800 Classical 07/98 Haydn Piano Sonatas-Vol.7  
CD NAX0553983 Classical 07/98 Haydn String Quartets  
CD POL0458075 Classical 07/98 Haydn 8 Nocturnes-Music Pa  
CD CAP0061436 Classical 05/98 Haydn String Quartet Op.54  
CD NIM0005535 Classical 04/98 Haydn Piano Trios-Hob.15,1  
CD ASV0001027 Classical 04/98 Haydn String Quartets,Op.2  
CD TLD0018953 Classical 03/98 Haydn Symphony Nos.101,104  
CD POL0457713 Classical 03/98 Haydn Seasons-Janowitz-Sch  
CD NAX0999512 Classical 03/98 Haydn Zaire-Incidental Mus  
CD DEN0018045 Classical 02/98 Haydn 6 Erdody Quartets  
CD ARA0006556 Classical 02/98 Haydn Vocal Quartets-Mozar  
CD POL0449761 Classical 01/98 Haydn Die Schopfung (Creat  
CA LAS0078007 Classical 01/98 Haydn Symphony Nos.82 & 94  
CD OLY0000406 Classical 01/98 Haydn 3 Concertos  
CD DOR0090233 Classical 01/98 Haydn Baryton  
CD VAC0002518 Classical 01/98 Haydn Mass In Time Of War  
CD DOR0090164 Classical 01/98 Haydn Piano Trios  
CD KOC0312502 Classical 12/97 Haydn Baryton Octets  
CD KOC0317232 Classical 12/97 Haydn Complete Overtures V  
CD KOC0314842 Classical 12/97 Haydn Complete Overtures-V  
CD KOC0312742 Classical 12/97 Haydn Divertimenti (Comple  
CD KOC0314812 Classical 12/97 Haydn Divertimenti Complet  
CD KOC0314822 Classical 12/97 Haydn Divertimenti In D,E-  
CD KOC0312862 Classical 12/97 Haydn Divertimenti Vol.2  
CD KOC0007407 Classical 12/97 Haydn Mass No.11 In D  
CD KOC0314432 Classical 12/97 Haydn Six Scherzandi  
CD LAS0014145 Classical 11/97 Haydn Creation  
CD NAX0550713 Classical 11/97 Haydn Piano Ctos Nos.4,7,9  
CD NAX0550398 Classical 11/97 Haydn String Quartets Op.1  
CD NAX0550701 Classical 11/97 Haydn String Quartets Op.2  
CD NAX0550788 Classical 11/97 Haydn String Quartets Op.3  
CD NAX0550789 Classical 11/97 Haydn String Quartets Op.3  
CD NAX0550673 Classical 11/97 Haydn String Quartets Op.6  
CD NAX0550674 Classical 11/97 Haydn String Quartets Op.6  
CD NAX0553146 Classical 11/97 Haydn String Quartets Op.7  
CD NAX0550786 Classical 11/97 Haydn String Quartets Op.9  
CD NAX0550724 Classical 11/97 Haydn Symphony Nos.22,29,6  
CD NAX0550723 Classical 11/97 Haydn Symphony Nos.23,24,6  
CD NAX0550721 Classical 11/97 Haydn Symphony Nos.26,35,4  
CD NAX0550757 Classical 11/97 Haydn Symphony Nos.30,55,6  
CD NAX0550768 Classical 11/97 Haydn Symphony Nos.53,86,8  
CD NAX0550770 Classical 11/97 Haydn Symphony Nos.64,84,9  
CD NAX0550769 Classical 11/97 Haydn Symphony Nos.69,89,9  
CD NAX0550845 Classical 11/97 Haydn Un Piccolo Divertime  
CD NAX0553222 Classical 11/97 Haydn Symphony Nos.45,94,1  
CD NAX0550722 Classical 11/97 Haydn Symphony Nos.6,7,8  
CD NAX0505018 Classical 11/97 Haydn Famous String Quarte  
CD POL0455261 Classical 11/97 Haydn String Quartets  
CD NAX0554110 Classical 10/97 Haydn Symphonies Vol.18  
CD NAX0556668 Classical 10/97 Haydn Best Of  
CD POL0455712 Classical 10/97 Haydn Four Masses;St.Cecil  
CD CBS0062878 Classical 09/97 Haydn Eight Notturni For T  
CD POL0454335 09/97 Haydn 29 Name Symphonies  
CD RCA0040724 09/97 Haydn Cello Cto#2-Jarvi  
CD POL0454098 09/97 Haydn Complete Piano Trios  
CD RCA0039046 09/97 Haydn Cello Concerto  
CD RCA0034021 09/97 Haydn Die 7 Ietzten Worte  
CD RCA0031682 09/97 Haydn Divertimenti Box  
CD RCA0030472 09/97 Haydn Divertimenti V.2#4-6  
CD RCA0030500 09/97 Haydn Divertimenti V.4 #10  
CD RCA0027780 09/97 Haydn Piano Sonatas V.1-Pi  
CD RCA0037315 09/97 Haydn Piano Sonatas V.3-Pi  
CD RCA0043323 09/97 Haydn Piano Sonatas V.5-Pi  
CD RCA0027782 09/97 Haydn Symphony Nos.39,44,7  
CD RCA0030474 09/97 Haydn Symphony Nos.45 & 49  
CD POL0455020 08/97 Haydn Masses  
CD NAX0554108 Classical 08/97 Haydn Symphonies Vol.17  
CD NAX0999121 Classical 07/97 Haydn Notturni Hii  
CD NAX0553127 Classical 07/97 Haydn Piano Sonatas No.36-  
CD NAX0550844 Classical 07/97 Haydn Piano Sonatas No.42-  
CD NAX0553128 Classical 07/97 Haydn Piano Sonatas No.48-  
CD NAX0550657 Classical 07/97 Haydn Piano Sonatas No.59-  
CD NAX0553364 Classical 07/97 Haydn Piano Sonatas-Vol.6  
CD NAX0550399 Classical 07/97 Haydn String Qrts Op.1 & 2  
CD NAX0550787 Classical 07/97 Haydn String Qrts Op.9;4-6  
CD NAX0554109 Classical 07/97 Haydn Symphonies Vol.16  
CD NAX0550797 Classical 07/97 Haydn Symphony Nos.71,93 &  
CD CBS0062823 07/97 Haydn Theresienmesse; Nels  
CD TLD0013146 06/97 Haydn Mass In Time Of War  
CD POL0443785 06/97 Haydn Piano Concertos  
CD POL0448518 06/97 Haydn Masses  
CD CBS0062954 06/97 Haydn String Quartets Nos.  
CD CBS0062731 05/97 Haydn Last 3 String Quarte  
CD CAP0068592 02/97 Haydn Masses-Marriner  
CD POL0449217 02/97 Haydn Creation  
CD POL0452668 02/97 Haydn Orfeo  
CD CBS0068253 12/96 Haydn Natural Horn  
CD CBS0062649 09/96 Haydn Trumpet Concerto  
CA CBS0062649 09/96 Haydn Trumpet Concerto  
CD CBS0068255 08/96 Haydn Paukenmesse  
CD POL0448194 Classical 04/96 Haydn Symphony Nos.82 & 87  
CD POL0446542 Classical 02/96 Haydn Complete Harpsichord  
CD POL0443027 Classical 01/96 Haydn Creation-Dorati  
CD TLD0095085 Classical 01/96 Haydn Stabat Mater  
CD TLD0097973 Classical 11/95 Haydn Piano Ctos  
CD CBS0066260 Classical 10/95 Haydn Missa St.Bernard De  
CA CBS0036674 10/95 Haydn Cello Concertos,In D  
CA CBS0046332 10/95 Haydn Symphony Nos.92,94,9  
CA CBS0067175 10/95 Haydn Symphony Nos.93,95 &  
CD CBS0068429 Classical 09/95 Haydn Symphony No.45 "Fare  
CD BRC0009044 Classical 09/95 Haydn Lieder  
CD ASV0000582 Classical 09/95 Haydn Quartets Op.54  
CD CBS0064538 Classical 08/95 Haydn Sonatas  
CD POL0445532 Classical 07/95 Haydn Paris Symphonies  
CD CBS0057965 Classical 06/95 Haydn Creation  
CD CBS0066295 Classical 06/95 Haydn Oaris Symp Nos.82,83  
CD CBS0066296 Classical 06/95 Haydn Paris Symphonies Nos  
CD CBS0066253 Classical 06/95 Haydn Symphony Nos.88,89 &  
CD CBS0067175 Classical 06/95 Haydn Symphony Nos.93,95 &  
CD POL0446175 Classical 04/95 Haydn Creation  
CD DEN0075970 Classical 11/94 Haydn String Quartets 75,  
CD POL0442611 Classical 10/94 Haydn Vol.1-London Symp  
CD POL0442614 Classical 10/94 Haydn Vol.2-London Symp  
CD TLD0090843 Classical 10/94 Haydn Symphony Nos.31,59,7  
CD CBS0053635 Classical 09/94 Haydn Piano Sonatas  
CD CBS0053986 Classical 06/94 Haydn Symphony Nos.45,46 &  
CD CBS0053985 Classical 06/94 Haydn Symphony Nos.50,64 &  
CD CBS0053522 Classical 06/94 Haydn String Quartets,Op.7  
CD KOC0313792 Classical 05/94 Haydn Die Lira  
CD CBS0053368 Classical 05/94 Haydn Missa "Sunt Bona Mix  
CD CBS0053987 Classical 05/94 Haydn String Quintets In B  
CD CBS0052623 Classical 04/94 Haydn 6 Late Piano Sonatas  
CD POL0438715 Classical 02/94 Haydn Seasons  
CD POL0438797 Classical 02/94 Haydn Violin Concertos Cel  
CD POL0438727 Classical 01/94 Haydn Paris Symp Nos.82-87  
CD CHN0006579 Classical 01/94 Haydn Symphony Nos.22,24 &  
CD CHN0006590 Classical 01/94 Haydn Symphony Nos.43,44 &  
CD TLD0090846 Classical 09/93 Haydn Trumpet Concertos  
CD NAX0550287 Classical 06/93 Haydn Nos.44,88 & 104 Sym.  
CD CBS0053120 Classical 06/93 Haydn Last Four Piano Trio  
CD TLD0074859 Classical 04/93 Haydn Symphonies,Haroncour  
CD CBS0048383 Classical 01/93 Haydn Piano Concertos  
CD CBS0048371 Classical 11/92 Haydn Symphony Nos.44,51,5  
CD CBS0048370 Classical 11/92 Haydn Symphony Nos.No 41,4  
CD TEL0080298 Classical 11/92 Haydn Creation Shaw  
CD CBS0047560 Classical 10/92 Haydn Creation-Bernstein  
CD CBS0047550 Classical 10/92 Haydn Six Paris Symp,Nos 8  
CD CBS0048061 Classical 09/92 Haydn Trios Nos 1-4-Rampal  
CD POL0431678 Classical 08/92 Haydn Concertos For Oboe,T  
CD NAX0505006 Classical 07/92 Haydn 15 Famous Symphonies  
CD NAX0550395 Classical 07/92 Haydn String Qrts Op.54 1-  
CD NAX0550397 Classical 07/92 Haydn String Quartet Op.55  
CD TEL0080311 Classical 06/92 Haydn Symphony No.101 In D  
CD NAX0550129 Classical 06/92 Haydn String Quart.-Empero  
CD TLD0046458 Classical 06/92 Haydn Seven Last Words Of  
CD RCA0060281 Classical 05/92 Haydn Symphony Nos.88 & 98  
CD POL0432061 Classical 02/92 Haydn 43 Piano Trios-Beaux  
CD NAX0550396 Classical 01/92 Haydn String Qrts Op.74 No  
CD NAX0550394 Classical 01/92 Haydn String Quartet Op.71  
CD NAX0550346 Classical 01/92 Haydn String Quartets Op.5  
CD NAX0550059 Classical 01/92 Haydn Cello Concertos Nos.  
CD NAX0550315 Classical 01/92 Haydn String Qrts Op.76;4-  
CD NAX0550314 Classical 01/92 Haydn String Quartets Op.7  
CD NAX0550139 Classical 01/92 Haydn Symphony Nos.82,94,1  
CD NAX0550114 Classical 01/92 Haydn Symphony Nos.83,94 &  
CD POL0430633 Classical 11/91 Haydn Concertos-Rostropovi  
CD TEL0080282 Classical 10/91 Haydn Symphony Nos.100 & 1  
CD DLS0003063 Classical 07/91 Haydn Cello Concerto In D-  
CD CBS0046332 Classical 04/91 Haydn Symphony Nos.92,94 &  
CD CBS0045972 Classical 03/91 Haydn Symphony Nos.22,78,8  
CD TLD0043752 Classical 01/91 Haydn Symphony Nos.103 & 1  
CD CBS0045673 Classical 10/90 Haydn Early London Sym. No  
CD CDO0004012 Classical 03/02 Haydn String Quartets-V.2  
CD CDO0004011 Classical 03/02 Haydn V.1-String Quartets  
CD BBC0004083 Classical 01/02 Haydn Violin Sonata In G  
CD EMI0569383 Classical 01/02 Haydn Paris Symphonies  
CD NAX0555041 Classical 12/01 Haydn Cello Concertos In D  
CD NIM0005683 Classical 11/01 Haydn V.2-Symphony Nos.21-  
CD POL0464707 Classical 10/01 Haydn 6 London Symphonies  
CD POL0471327 Classical 09/01 Haydn Haydn Project  
CD KOC0364832 Classical 08/01 Haydn V.5-Divertimental  
CD NAX0554767 Classical 08/01 Haydn Symphonies-Vol.24  
CD POL0464650 Classical 07/01 Haydn Complete String Quar  
CD POL0461780 Classical 07/01 Haydn Seven Words  
CD TLD0021337 Classical 07/01 Haydn Symphony Nos.96,97,9  
CD ASV0000219 Classical 06/01 Haydn Battle Of Nile  
CD CHN0000667 Classical 06/01 Haydn Missa Cellensis In H  
CD NIM0007072 Classical 06/01 Haydn Great Symphonies-Stu  
CD VIR0061881 Classical 06/01 Haydn Piano Sonatas & Conc  
CD EMI0769224 Classical 06/01 Haydn Seasons  
CD LNN0000153 Classical 06/01 Haydn Seven Last Words  
CD KOC0364822 Classical 05/01 Haydn Notturni-Vol.1  
CD NAX0553824 Classical 05/01 Haydn Piano Sonatas-Vol.10  
CD KOC0367592 Classical 04/01 Haydn Five Strings After M  
DVD DDD0001007 Classical 03/01 Haydn Dts-Ac-3-Sym.#103 &  
CD CHN0000662 Classical 03/01 Haydn Symphony No. 94  
CD OPP0001280 Opera 02/01 Haydn Orfeo Ed Euridice  
CD ABN0009439 Classical 02/01 Haydn Piano Concerto  
CD NAX0554405 Classical 02/01 Haydn Symphonies-Vol.23  
CD POL0469148 Classical 01/01 Haydn Panorama-Various  
CD TLD0081108 Classical 11/00 Haydn Armida  
CD EMI0066097 Classical 10/00 Haydn Symphony Nos.83,101  
CD NIM0005652 Classical 10/00 Haydn Vol.5-Symphony Nos.7  
CD VIR0061800 Classical 10/00 Haydn Symphony Nos.26,52 &  
CD EMI0056166 Classical 10/00 Haydn String Quartets,Op.7  
CD CHN0006618 Classical 09/00 Haydn Early Symphony Nos.1  
CD NAX0554762 Classical 09/00 Haydn Symphonies Vol.22  
DVD NAX0100041 Classical 08/00 Haydn Creation  
CD VGN0061163 Classical 08/00 Haydn 4 Divertimenti  
CD NAX0999467 Classical 08/00 Haydn Piano Trios-Complete  
CD POL0466941 Classical 08/00 Haydn Symphonies Vol.10  
CD POL0462602 Classical 08/00 Haydn Symphony Nos.88 & 89  
CD PLD0017212 Classical 08/00 Haydn Greatest Masterpiece  
CD ASV0000104 Classical 07/00 Haydn 4 Baryton Trios-Vol.  
CD ASV0000109 Classical 07/00 Haydn 4 Baryton Trios-Vol.  
CD NAX0999741 Classical 07/00 Haydn Notturni  
CD ASV0001077 Classical 07/00 Haydn Strings Quartets Op.  
CD CHN0000655 Classical 07/00 Haydn Symphony Nos.95,103,  
CD RCA0077415 Classical 07/00 Haydn Piano & Flute Concer  
CD KOC0314922 Classical 06/00 Haydn Barytone Octets-Vol.  
CD BRC0003208 Classical 06/00 Haydn Symphony Nos.16,19  
CD BRC0003189 Classical 06/00 Haydn Symphony Nos.4,5,9 &  
CD EMI0045196 Classical 06/00 Haydn Piano Concerto In G  
CD NAX0554416 Classical 04/00 Haydn Little Organ Mass  
CD NAX0554406 Classical 04/00 Haydn Symphony Nos.66,67 &  
CD VIR0061659 Classical 04/00 Haydn Paris Symphonies 82-  
CD NIM0007041 Classical 03/00 Haydn Great Haydn Symphoni  
CD KLC0005101 Classical 03/00 Haydn Haydn & The Gypsies  
CD VAC0000133 Classical 03/00 Haydn Seven Last Words Of  
CD TXA0000045 Classical 03/00 Haydn Symphony No.92 Oxfor  
CD TXA0000022 Classical 03/00 Haydn Symphony No.94  
CD CAP0067263 Classical 03/00 Haydn Cello Ctos Nos.1 & 2  
CD CAP0056960 Classical 03/00 Haydn Piano Ctos Nos.3,4 &  
CD POL0462111 Classical 01/00 Haydn Paris Symphony Nos.8  
CD POL0464034 Classical 01/00 Haydn Seasons  

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