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CD CAP0047163 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Midsummer Night'S Dr  
CD POL0420400 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Octet,Quintet  
CD POL0423104 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Overtures  
CD CBS0042401 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Piano Cto-Perahia,Mu  
CD CBS0037838 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Piano So  
CD TEL0080142 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Quartet & Octet  
CD NAX0553161 Classical n/a Mendelssohn String Syms-Vol.1  
CD POL0414665 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Sym 3&4  
CD CBS0046251 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Sym No.4  
CD POL0427810 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Symp No.3 "Scottish"  
CD POL0429664 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Symphonies 1-5 Colle  
CD TEL0080184 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Symphony No.3  
CD LAS0015526 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Symphony No.4-Italia  
CD RCA0069237 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.1-5  
CD TLD0072308 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.3 & 4  
CD POL0427670 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.3,4  
CD TLD0044947 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Trios-Trio Fontenay  
CD POL0427656 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Violin Concerto,Op.6  
CD POL0421145 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Violin Cto-Bell  
CD CAP0049276 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Vln.Cto.E Minor  
CD CAP0047074 Classical n/a Mendelssohn Vln.Ctos  
CD VAC0000122 Classical 11/99 Mendelssohn Midsummer Night'S Dr  
CD PVY0730097 Opera 09/99 Mendelssohn Paulus  
CD CAP0073558 Classical 08/99 Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.3 & 4  
CD ATP0060107 Classical 08/99 Mendelssohn Early Symphony Nos.8  
CD KOC0367192 Classical 05/99 Mendelssohn Year  
CD POL0460236 Classical 05/99 Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.1 & 2  
CD POL0460239 Classical 05/99 Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.3,4 & 5  
CD NCA0504807 Classical 05/99 Mendelssohn Coming Quietly Into  
CD NAX0553541 Classical 04/99 Mendelssohn Piano Works-Vol.5  
CD KOC0367062 Classical 04/99 Mendelssohn Symphony No.1 In C,O  
CD NAX0554433 Classical 03/99 Mendelssohn Midsummer Night'S Dr  
CD POL0459156 Classical 03/99 Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.4 & 5  
CD BRC0002129 Classical 02/99 Mendelssohn Organ Works  
CD ARR0047507 Classical 10/98 Mendelssohn Symphony No.2  
CD ARA0006714 Classical 08/98 Mendelssohn Guarneri & Orion Qua  
CD BRC0009335 Classical 08/98 Mendelssohn 6 Preludes And Fugue  
CD COM0009150 Classical 06/98 Mendelssohn Violin Concerto  
CD ARR0047506 Classical 05/98 Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.3 & 4  
CD NIM0005553 Classical 04/98 Mendelssohn Paino Trios-Op.49 In  
CD ARA0006705 Classical 04/98 Mendelssohn Paulus  
CD NAX0553358 Classical 03/98 Mendelssohn Piano Works-Vol.4  
CD ARA0006599 Classical 02/98 Mendelssohn Piano Trios Nos.1 &  
CD ARA0006533 Classical 02/98 Mendelssohn Walpurgisnacht-Motet  
CD ARA0006688 Classical 02/98 Mendelssohn Works For Piano & Or  
CD CP0010392 Classical 01/98 Mendelssohn Antigone-Incidental  
CD DEN0018034 Classical 01/98 Mendelssohn Irina Mejoueva  
CD CP0010407 Classical 01/98 Mendelssohn Midsummer Nights Dre  
CD CP0010367 Classical 01/98 Mendelssohn Motets  
CD CP0010393 Classical 01/98 Mendelssohn Odipus  
CD CP0010708 Classical 01/98 Mendelssohn Overtures  
CD CP0010363 Classical 01/98 Mendelssohn Songs-Vol.2  
CD CP0010588 Classical 01/98 Mendelssohn String Symphonies No  
CD CP0010449 Classical 01/98 Mendelssohn Symphonie No.4  
CD KOC0314282 Classical 12/97 Mendelssohn Athalie-Incidental M  
CD KOC0007197 Classical 12/97 Mendelssohn Piano Cto.Fragment I  
CD LAS0014055 Classical 11/97 Mendelssohn Romantic Moments-Vol  
CD CBS0063251 Classical 11/97 Mendelssohn Symphony No.4"Italia  
CD NAX0550681 Classical 11/97 Mendelssohn Piano Ctos.#1 & 2  
CD NAX0553416 Classical 11/97 Mendelssohn Ctos For Two Pianos  
CD NAX0550967 Classical 11/97 Mendelssohn Piano Quartets Nos.2  
CD NAX0550316 Classical 11/97 Mendelssohn Songs Without Words-  
CD NAX0550453 Classical 11/97 Mendelssohn Songs Without Words-  
CD NAX0550862 Classical 11/97 Mendelssohn String Qrts Op.12 &  
CD NAX0550861 Classical 11/97 Mendelssohn String Qrts Op.44,No  
CD NAX0550957 Classical 11/97 Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.1 & 5  
CD NAX0553186 Classical 10/97 Mendelssohn Piano Music-Vol.3  
CD NAX0556660 Classical 10/97 Mendelssohn Best Of  
CD POL0455688 Classical 10/97 Mendelssohn Elijah-Terfel-Flemin  
CD NAX0554055 Classical 10/97 Mendelssohn Songs Without Words  
CD RCA0043324 09/97 Mendelssohn Elias  
CD RCA0049685 09/97 Mendelssohn Piano Concerto Nos.1  
CD RCA0037639 09/97 Mendelssohn Symphony No.2  
CD POL0449743 08/97 Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.3 & 4  
CD NAX0553163 Classical 08/97 Mendelssohn String Syms Vol.3 No  
CD NAX0553583 Classical 07/97 Mendelssohn Organ Sonatas 1-6  
CD NAX0550939 Classical 07/97 Mendelssohn Piano Works-Vol.1  
CD NAX0553162 Classical 07/97 Mendelssohn String Syms.Vol.2  
CD NAX0553200 Classical 07/97 Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.3 & 4  
CD NAX0550940 Classical 07/97 Mendelssohn Piano Works-Vol.2  
CD POL0453061 04/97 Mendelssohn Song Without Words  
CD POL0456071 03/97 Mendelssohn Complete Symphonies  
CD POL0456074 03/97 Mendelssohn Complete Symphonies  
CD POL0449720 03/97 Mendelssohn Reformation  
CD CBS0062828 03/97 Mendelssohn Octet In E-Flat  
CA CBS0062828 03/97 Mendelssohn Octet In E-Flat  
CD CAP0068601 Classical 05/96 Mendelssohn Elijah  
CD TLD0098435 Classical 05/96 Mendelssohn Str.Syms#1,4,6,7,12  
CD POL0434363 Classical 11/95 Mendelssohn Italian & Scottish S  
CD TEL0080389 Classical 10/95 Mendelssohn Elijah  
CD BRC0009143 Classical 10/95 Mendelssohn Early Symphonies  
CA CBS0064595 10/95 Mendelssohn Greatest Hits  
CA CBS0046536 10/95 Mendelssohn Symphony No.3  
CD CBS0064595 Classical 06/95 Mendelssohn Greatest Hits  
CD CBS0064556 Classical 04/95 Mendelssohn Symp No.3 "Scottish"  
CD POL0439897 Classical 01/95 Mendelssohn Midsummer Night'S Dr  
CD POL0442302 Classical 05/94 Mendelssohn Best Of  
CD POL0438709 Classical 02/94 Mendelssohn Songs Without Words  
CD TLD0090875 Classical 02/94 Mendelssohn Violin Concertos  
CD CHN0009215 Classical 01/94 Mendelssohn Piano Conerto No.1 I  
CD POL0438368 Classical 10/93 Mendelssohn Elijah  
CD TLD0073131 Classical 06/93 Mendelssohn Elijah  
CD TLD0044946 Classical 01/93 Mendelssohn Lieder  
CD CBS0048307 Classical 11/92 Mendelssohn Octets For Strings-L  
CD TEL0080318 Classical 10/92 Mendelssohn Overture And Inciden  
CD POL0432984 Classical 09/92 Mendelssohn Elijah  
CD NAX0550222 Classical 01/92 Mendelssohn Sym No.3-Ruy Blas  
CD NAX0550055 Classical 01/92 Mendelssohn Sym No.4-Italian  
CD VGN0561735 Classical 03/02 Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.3 & 4  
CD CBS0089842 Classical 01/02 Mendelssohn Piano Cto.Nos.1&2-Vi  
CD VIR0061975 Classical 01/02 Mendelssohn Symphony No.4 Italia  
CD HMU0981502 Classical 12/01 Mendelssohn Midsummer Night'S Dr  
CD POL0468600 Classical 11/01 Mendelssohn Piano Concertos 1,2  
CD EMI0556475 Classical 10/01 Mendelssohn Elias  
CD CBS0089733 Classical 09/01 Mendelssohn String Qt.No.1 & 2  
CD TLD0018954 Classical 08/01 Mendelssohn Symphony Nos.3,4  
CD CAP0074519 Classical 08/01 Mendelssohn Violin Concerto;Over  
CD IMF0002003 Classical 05/01 Mendelssohn Italian Symphony  
CD NAX0553522 Classical 05/01 Mendelssohn Symphony No.2 "Lobge  
CD VGN0061312 Classical 05/01 Mendelssohn Piano Trios 1 & 2  
CD CHN0009882 Classical 04/01 Mendelssohn Paulus  
CD VGN0045168 Classical 02/01 Mendelssohn Octet  
CD NAX0554725 Classical 01/01 Mendelssohn Complete Works For V  
CD EMI0061203 Classical 11/00 Mendelssohn Piano Quartets  
DVD NAX0100031 Classical 11/00 Mendelssohn Gala Concert-K.Masur  
CD POL0469157 Classical 10/00 Mendelssohn Panorama-Various  
CD CBS0089343 10/00 Mendelssohn Sym.#4-Incidental Mu  
CD VIR0061809 Classical 10/00 Mendelssohn String Quartets  
CD MDG0000974 Classical 08/00 Mendelssohn Complete Clarinet Ch  
CD POL0466990 Classical 06/00 Mendelssohn Sym. No.3-Midsummer  
CD EMI0045104 Classical 05/00 Mendelssohn Chamber Music  
CD EMI0061280 Classical 05/00 Mendelssohn Violin Concertos  
CD CBS0060766 Classical 03/00 Mendelssohn Quintet For Strings  
CD CBS0061843 Classical 01/00 Mendelssohn Violin Concerto In E  

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