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CD CBS0034584 Classical n/a Puccini Edgar  
CD MSI0027953 Clas n/a Puccini La Boheme  
CD MSI0036592 Clas n/a Puccini La Boheme  
CD NAX0553151 Classical n/a Puccini La Boheme (Highlight  
CD POL0421245 Classical n/a Puccini La Boheme-Highlights  
CD RCA0060189 Opera n/a Puccini La Boheme-Leinsdorf  
CD POL0421049 Classical n/a Puccini La Boheme-Pavarotti  
CD POL0425534 Classical n/a Puccini La Boheme-Tebaldi,Be  
CD POL0419640 Classical n/a Puccini La Fanciulla Del Wes  
CD CBS0037852 Classical n/a Puccini La Rondine-Kanawa,Te  
CD CAP0063634 Classical n/a Puccini Madama Butterfly  
CD CBS0035181 Classical n/a Puccini Madama Butterfly  
CD MSI0017635 Clas n/a Puccini Madama Butterfly  
CD POL0423567 Classical n/a Puccini Madama Butterfly  
CD CAP0069654 Classical n/a Puccini Madama Butterfly  
CD RCA0060202 Opera n/a Puccini Madama Butterfly-Lei  
CD POL0425531 Classical n/a Puccini Madama Butterfly-Teb  
CD POL0417577 Classical n/a Puccini Madame Butterfly-Fre  
CD RCA0004145 Opera n/a Puccini Madame Butterfly-Lei  
CD MSI0806515 Clas n/a Puccini Opera Highlights: La  
CD MSI0806514 Clas n/a Puccini Opera Highlights: Tu  
CD RCA0061806 Classical n/a Puccini Tosca  
CD RCA0061807 Classical n/a Puccini Tosca Highlights  
CD CBS0045847 Classical n/a Puccini Tosca-Marton  
CD POL0414036 Classical n/a Puccini Tosca-Pavarotti,Fren  
CD CAP0069327 Classical n/a Puccini Turandot  
CD POL0423855 Classical n/a Puccini Turandot-Domingo  
CD CBS0039160 Classical n/a Puccini Turandot-Marton  
CD POL0414274 Classical n/a Puccini Turandot-Sutherland  
CD MSI0806542 Clas n/a Puccini Unesco Classics  
CD POL0417686 Classical n/a Puccini Weeken-Tebaldi,Chiar  
CD OPP0001150 Opera 12/99 Puccini Madama Butterfly  
CD POL0466070 Opera 09/99 Puccini La Boheme  
CD RCA0063493 Opera 09/99 Puccini La Boheme  
CD RCA0063496 Classical 09/99 Puccini Madama Butterfly  
CD BES0000589 Classical 08/99 Puccini Manon Lescaut  
CD RCA0063305 Classical 08/99 Puccini Tosca (Complete)  
CD OPP0001152 Classical 07/99 Puccini Turandot  
CD OPP0001198 Opera 06/99 Puccini Manon Lescaut  
CD CVC0003002 Classical 06/99 Puccini Turandot  
CD BOG0019297 Classical 04/99 Puccini La Boheme  
CD BOG0019965 Classical 04/99 Puccini Madama Butterfly  
CD BOG0073155 Classical 04/99 Puccini Tosca  
DVD RCA0060917 Opera 04/99 Puccini Turandot  
CD CAP0056587 Classical 04/99 Puccini Il Trittico  
CD POL0448725 Opera 03/99 Puccini La Boheme  
CD POL0452594 Opera 03/99 Puccini Madama Butterfly  
CD POL0460753 Opera 03/99 Puccini Tosca  
CD EMI0072512 Opera 02/99 Puccini La Boheme  
CD EMI0072513 Opera 02/99 Puccini Tosca  
CD EMI0072514 Opera 02/99 Puccini Turandot  
CD EMI0072437 Classical 02/99 Puccini Unforgettable Classi  
CD KOC0316452 Classical 02/99 Puccini Turandot  
CD POL0460617 Classical 01/99 Puccini La Boheme(Highlights  
DVD PC095085D Opera 11/98 Puccini La Boheme-Carreras-L  
CD CFP0072512 Opera 11/98 Puccini La Boheme  
CD CFP0072513 Opera 11/98 Puccini Tosca  
CD CFP0072514 Opera 11/98 Puccini Turandot  
VHS RCA060916B Classical 11/98 Puccini Turandot  
CD RCA0060617 Classical 11/98 Puccini Turandot (Complete)  
DVD PC094025D Opera 11/98 Puccini Tosca-Domingo  
CD ARR0047518 Classical 10/98 Puccini Dvorsky Sings  
CD RCA0063179 Classical 09/98 Puccini La Boheme  
DVD IME0004359 Opera 09/98 Puccini La Fanciulla Del Wes  
CD POL0458202 Classical 08/98 Puccini Turandot Highlights  
CD RCA0039496 Classical 07/98 Puccini La Boheme  
CD CHN0003008 Classical 07/98 Puccini La Boheme-In 3 Acts  
CD POL0460380 Classical 06/98 Puccini Ultimate Collection-  
CD POL0458212 Classical 05/98 Puccini Gala-Famous Arias-Va  
CD POL0458218 Classical 05/98 Puccini Suor Angelica  
CD COL0001143 Classical 03/98 Puccini La Boheme  
CD NAX0556670 Classical 02/98 Puccini Best Of  
CD NAX0660019 Classical 11/97 Puccini Manon Lescaut  
CD NAX0553153 Classical 11/97 Puccini Tosca (Highlights)  
CD CAP0056236 09/97 Puccini La Boheme-Beecham  
CD RCA0068884 09/97 Puccini Madama Butterfly-Pri  
CD POL0452728 Classical 09/97 Puccini Tosca Highlights  
CD CBS0063278 09/97 Puccini Opera Arias & Love-V  
CD POL0452620 08/97 Puccini Tosca  
CD TLD0017353 08/97 Puccini La Boheme(Highlights  
CD CAP0056295 08/97 Puccini La Boheme-Callas  
CD CAP0056298 08/97 Puccini Madama Butterfly-Cal  
CD CAP0056301 08/97 Puccini Manon Lescaut-Callas  
CD CAP0056304 08/97 Puccini Tosca-Callas  
CD CAP0056307 08/97 Puccini Turandot-Callas  
CD NAX0553152 Classical 07/97 Puccini Madame Butterfly Hig  
CD CAP0056338 05/97 Puccini La Rondine-Pappano  
VHS TLD0090212 03/97 Puccini Tosca  
CD CAP0056120 10/96 Puccini La Boheme Ecd-Pappan  
CD RCA0062687 09/96 Puccini Turandot-Leinsdorf  
CD TLD0013813 09/96 Puccini La Boheme Highlights  
CD TLD0012372 Classical 07/96 Puccini Tosca  
CD LAS0014280 Classical 11/95 Puccini Madam Butterfly (2-C  
CD CNF0055013 Classical 11/95 Puccini Puccini Experience  
CD TLD0010699 Classical 10/95 Puccini La Boheme  
CA CBS0064597 10/95 Puccini Greatest Hits  
CA CBS0046285 10/95 Puccini Without Words-Kostel  
CD CBS0064597 Classical 06/95 Puccini Greatest Hits  
CD CAP0065293 Classical 09/94 Puccini Turandot  
CD CBS0053550 Classical 06/94 Puccini Tosca-Highlights  
CD POL0442260 Classical 04/94 Puccini La Boheme  
CD POL0440233 Classical 02/94 Puccini La Boheme  
CD POL0440230 Classical 02/94 Puccini Madama Butterfly  
CD RCA0061725 Classical 10/93 Puccini Boheme Hilit  
CD POL0438359 Classical 10/93 Puccini Tosca  
CD CAP0054801 Classical 08/93 Puccini Arias For Piano  
CD POL0436295 Classical 05/93 Puccini Favorites-Various  
CD CBS0048474 Classical 05/93 Puccini Manon Lescaut  
CD NAX0660003 Opera 02/93 Puccini La Boheme Opera  
CD NAX0660015 Opera 02/93 Puccini Madama Butterfly Ope  
CD NAX0660001 Opera 02/93 Puccini Tosca Opera  
CD CAP0064165 Classical 12/92 Puccini Il Trittico  
CD CFP0072866 Opera 11/92 Puccini Madam Butterfly  
CD POL0431775 Classical 09/92 Puccini Tosca  
CD POL0435409 Classical 06/92 Puccini Turandot-Vienna Phil  
CD CBS0047189 Classical 03/92 Puccini La Fanciulla Del Wes  
CD RCA0007751 Classical 04/91 Puccini Gianni Schicchi  
CD RCA0000105 Opera 03/91 Puccini Tosca  
CD TLD0045311 Classical 10/90 Puccini La Boheme-Hendricks-  
CD CBS0046285 Classical 10/90 Puccini Without Words-Kostel  
DVD POL0071402 Opera 02/02 Puccini Tosca  
CD OPP0001332 Opera 02/02 Puccini La Boheme  
DVD POL0071404 Opera 02/02 Puccini Madama Butterfly  
CD CBS0089848 Opera 01/02 Puccini Great Opera Arias  
DVD IME0009300 Opera 01/02 Puccini Madama Butterfly  
CD CAP057173B Opera 11/01 Puccini Tosca (New)-Soundtra  
CD FOO0001018 Classical 10/01 Puccini Tosca  
DVD IME0009271 Opera 10/01 Puccini Manon Lescaut-Flemis  
CD CAP057159B Classical 09/01 Puccini Messa Di Gloria:Prel  
CD NAX0110072 Opera 07/01 Puccini La Boheme  
DVD IME0009239 Opera 06/01 Puccini Turandot-San Francis  
CD CHN0003066 Opera 05/01 Puccini Tosca  
CD OPP0001293 Classical 05/01 Puccini Gianni Schicci  
CD POL0467466 Opera 05/01 Puccini Madama Butterfly (Hi  
CA RCA0063755 02/01 Puccini Greatest Hits  
CD POL0469175 Classical 02/01 Puccini Panorama-Various  
CD OPP0001274 Opera 02/01 Puccini Il Tabaro  
CD POL0458248 Opera 02/01 Puccini La Boheme (Highlight  
CD RCA0063755 Opera 02/01 Puccini Greatest Hits  
CD POL0464060 Opera 11/00 Puccini La Boheme-Bocelli-Fr  
CD CAP0074130 Opera 10/00 Puccini Madama Butterfly(Hig  
CD CAP0074131 Opera 10/00 Puccini Tosca(Highlights)  
CD CAP0074126 Opera 10/00 Puccini Turandot(Highlights)  
CD OPP0009008 Opera 10/00 Puccini Tosca  
CD POL0458232 Opera 09/00 Puccini Tosca Highlights  
CD RCA0063705 Opera 09/00 Puccini Turandot  
CD PEA0000089 Classical 08/00 Puccini Supreme Operatic Rec  
CD CBS0089268 Classical 08/00 Puccini Super Hits  
CD NAX0554705 Classical 07/00 Puccini Manon Lescaut  
CD OPP0001256 Opera 07/00 Puccini Turandot  
CD OPP0001248 Opera 07/00 Puccini Tosca  
DVD PC0099101 Opera 05/00 Puccini Manon Lescaut-Doming  
CD OPP0001242 Opera 04/00 Puccini La Fanciulla Del Wes  
CD POL0463186 Opera 04/00 Puccini Manon Lescaut  
CD ENT0001226 Opera 03/00 Puccini Ii Tabarro  
CD OPP0001231 Opera 03/00 Puccini La Boheme  
VHS BES0000453 Opera 03/00 Puccini Tosca  
CD POL0466384 Opera 03/00 Puccini Tosca  
DVD IME0005784 Opera 01/00 Puccini La Boheme-Australian  

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