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CD DEN0001846 Classical n/a Rossini 6 Sonatas For String  
CD CBS0037862 Classical n/a Rossini Ii Barbiere Di Sivig  
CD CBS0037859 Classical n/a Rossini Ii Turco In Italia-C  
CD POL0415498 Classical n/a Rossini Il Viaggio A Reims  
CD POL0427331 Classical n/a Rossini L'Italiana In Algeri  
CD CBS0039048 Classical n/a Rossini L'Italiana-Terrani,V  
CD CBS0045850 Classical n/a Rossini La Gazza Ladra-Ricci  
CD MSI0806516 Clas n/a Rossini Opera Highlights: Il  
CD LAS0015506 Classical n/a Rossini Overtures  
CD LAS0015520 Classical n/a Rossini Overtures  
CD TEL0080334 Classical n/a Rossini Overtures-William Te  
CD RCA0060387 Classical n/a Rossini Overtures;Barber Of  
CD ARA0006623 Classical n/a Rossini Songs Of Rossini  
CD CBS0039073 Classical n/a Rossini Tancredi-Horne  
CD MSI0806545 Clas n/a Rossini Unesco Classics  
CD CAP0069951 Classical n/a Rossini William Tell  
CD POL0417154 Classical n/a Rossini William Tell-Pavarot  
CD ARR0047327 Opera 11/99 Rossini Armida  
CD NAX0554443 Classical 11/99 Rossini Stabat Mater  
CD RCA0063494 Opera 09/99 Rossini Barber Of Seville  
CD OPP0001212 Opera 09/99 Rossini La Cenerontola  
CD OPP0001206 Opera 08/99 Rossini La Donna Del Lago  
CD MUA0004797 Classical 06/99 Rossini Overture!  
CD ARR0047321 Classical 05/99 Rossini Chamber Music  
CD ATL0017917 Classical 05/99 Rossini Stabat Mater  
CD BOG0019967 Classical 04/99 Rossini Barber Of Seville  
CD CAP0073294 Classical 04/99 Rossini Overtures  
CD POL0452591 Opera 03/99 Rossini Barber Of Seville  
CD NAX0554418 Classical 03/99 Rossini String Sonatas-Vol.1  
CD NAX0554419 Classical 03/99 Rossini String Sonatas-Vol.2  
CD BRC0002041 Classical 01/99 Rossini Barber Of Sevill (Hi  
CD VAC0008043 Opera 11/98 Rossini La Pietra Del Parago  
DVD IME0004363 Opera 10/98 Rossini La Dona Del Lago  
CD TLD0017130 05/98 Rossini L'Italiana In Algeri  
CD POL0457733 Classical 05/98 Rossini Barber Of Seville-Pr  
CD OPP0001135 Classical 04/98 Rossini La Cenerentola  
DVD IME0004357 Opera 03/98 Rossini William Tell  
CD OPP0001133 Classical 03/98 Rossini Ii Barbiere Di Sivig  
CD OPP0001136 Classical 03/98 Rossini Semiramide  
CD OPP0001146 Classical 02/98 Rossini L'Italiana In Algeri  
CD POL0444842 Classical 01/98 Rossini Petite Messe Solenne  
CD ARR0047162 Classical 01/98 Rossini Overtures For Winds  
CD NAX0553543 Classical 11/97 Rossini Arias For Mezzo-Sopr  
CD NAX0660027 Classical 11/97 Rossini Barber Of Seville  
CD NAX0660037 Classical 11/97 Rossini Tancredi  
CD NAX0553436 Classical 10/97 Rossini Barber Of Seville-Hi  
CD TLD0017579 09/97 Rossini L'Inganno Felice  
CD NAX0556683 Classical 09/97 Rossini Best Of  
CD RCA0043318 09/97 Rossini Flt.Qrts-Grohs  
CD RCA0049703 09/97 Rossini Il Barbiere Di Sivig  
CD RCA0034040 09/97 Rossini Overtures V.1-Grohs  
CD RCA0037320 09/97 Rossini Overtures V.2-Grohs  
CD CAP0056310 08/97 Rossini Barber Of Seville-Ca  
CD POL0456330 08/97 Rossini String Sonatas  
CD POL0449178 02/97 Rossini Stabat Mater  
CD TLD0073242 01/97 Rossini Arias-Ramey  
CD RCA0068552 09/96 Rossini Barber Of Seville  
CD RCA0068349 09/96 Rossini Tancredi-Abbado-Mro  
CD CBS0062653 09/96 Rossini Overtures  
CD TLD0013815 09/96 Rossini Il Barbiere Di Sivig  
CD CNF0055004 Classical 05/96 Rossini Overtures  
CD CBS0062293 Classical 04/96 Rossini Favorite Opera Overa  
CD POL0445569 Classical 03/96 Rossini Overtures  
CA CBS0064598 10/95 Rossini Greatest Hits  
CD POL0443850 Classical 06/95 Rossini 14 Overtures  
CD CBS0064598 Classical 06/95 Rossini Greatest Hits  
CD TLD0094553 Classical 04/95 Rossini La Centerentola  
CD CBS0058968 Classical 10/94 Rossini Armida  
CD CBS0053501 Classical 06/94 Rossini Ii Barbiere Di Sivia  
CD POL0437797 Classical 04/94 Rossini Semiramide  
CD POL0436902 Classical 10/93 Rossini La Cenerentola  
CD TLD0074885 Classical 09/93 Rossini Barber Of Seville  
CD CBS0053336 Classical 08/93 Rossini Ii Viaggio A Reims  
CD CBS0047606 Classical 06/93 Rossini Overtures-Suppe-Over  
CD POL0435763 Classical 04/93 Rossini Ii Barbiere Di Sivig  
CD TLD0045837 Classical 03/93 Rossini Works For Flute & Ha  
CD CAP0067440 Classical 04/92 Rossini Collection  
CD NAX0550236 Classical 01/92 Rossini Overtures  
CD TLD0045404 Classical 09/91 Rossini L'Italiana In Algier  
CD CBS0045964 Classical 07/91 Rossini Opera Arias-Baltsa  
CD POL0431653 Classical 06/91 Rossini Overtures  
CD CBS0046433 Classical 02/91 Rossini La Cenerentola-Lucia  
CD TLD0045321 Classical 02/91 Rossini Peitte Messe Solenne  
CD TLD0045419 Classical 02/91 Rossini Zemira  
CD POL0472213 Classical 04/02 Rossini Essential Rossini  
CD EMI0556313 Opera 03/02 Rossini Il Turco In Italia  
DVD POL0073021 Opera 02/02 Rossini Il Barbiere De Sivig  
CD OPR0000020 Classical 02/02 Rossini Bianca E Falliero  
CD OPR0000218 Opera 02/02 Rossini Serious Rossini-Oper  
CD HMU0981693 Classical 12/01 Rossini Stabat Mater  
CD POL0467427 Classical 10/01 Rossini Overtures  
CD NAX0558008 Opera 07/01 Rossini Barber Of Seville  
CD OPP0001292 Classical 06/01 Rossini Mose  
DVD IME0009238 Opera 06/01 Rossini Le Cenerentola-Salzb  
CD MVA0000075 Opera 05/01 Rossini Barber Of Seville (A  
CD POL0466328 Classical 05/01 Rossini Cantatas-Vol.2  
CD VIR0061900 Classical 05/01 Rossini Overtures  
DVD NAX0100121 Opera 02/01 Rossini L'Italiana In Algeri  
CD POL0469193 Classical 02/01 Rossini Panorama-Various  
CD OPP0001271 Opera 02/01 Rossini L'Assedio Di Corinto  
CD POL0458247 Opera 02/01 Rossini Gala-Various  
CD BES0000674 Opera 01/01 Rossini L'Italiana In Algeri  
DVD IME0005793 Opera 12/00 Rossini Semiramide-Metropoli  
CD VAC0000144 Classical 12/00 Rossini 6 Sonatas For String  
CD CHN0009753 Classical 11/00 Rossini 0vertures  
CD OPP0001264 Opera 11/00 Rossini Il Barbiere De Sivig  
CD CBS0089411 11/00 Rossini Overtures-Szell (S.A  
CD TCU0791801 Classical 10/00 Rossini Barber Of Seville Fo  
CD CAP0074132 Opera 10/00 Rossini Barber Seville(Highl  
CD BRC0001708 Classical 09/00 Rossini Petite Messe Solenel  
CD OPP0001252 Classical 07/00 Rossini Armida  
CD PEA0000088 Classical 07/00 Rossini Supreme Operatic Rec  
DVD IME0009588 Classical 05/00 Rossini Stabat Mater-Jubilae  
CD PVY0730102 Classical 05/00 Rossini Petite Messe Solenne  
CD CAP0054863 Classical 01/00 Rossini Barber Of Seville  

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