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CD CBS0037840 Classical n/a Shostakovich Cello C  
CD TLD0071702 Classical n/a Shostakovich Complete Quartets  
CD CAP0049955 Classical n/a Shostakovich Lady Macbeth  
CD NAX0553126 Classical n/a Shostakovich Piano Ctos Nos.1 & 2  
CD TEL0080215 Classical n/a Shostakovich Sym No.5 & 9  
CD DLS0003089 Classical n/a Shostakovich Sym.No.10-Festive Ov  
CD TEL0080241 Classical n/a Shostakovich Symphony 10-Levi  
CD ARA0006610 Classical n/a Shostakovich Symphony No.1-Concer  
CD DLS0003080 Classical n/a Shostakovich Symphony No.11-Year  
CD CBS0044903 Classical n/a Shostakovich Symphony No.5  
CD DEN0079942 Classical n/a Shostakovich Symphony No.7 Lening  
CD TLD0045753 Classical n/a Shostakovich Symphony No.93-Mravi  
CD POL0427632 Classical n/a Shostakovich Symphony Nos.1 & 7-L  
CD CBS0044664 Classical n/a Shostakovich Trio No  
CD CBS0060677 Classical 11/99 Shostakovich Piano Concerto Nos.1  
CD POL0459670 Classical 11/99 Shostakovich String:Quartet No.8  
CD CBS0061841 Classical 09/99 Shostakovich Symphony Nos.5 & 9  
DVD IME0005655 Opera 08/99 Shostakovich Lady Macbeth Of Mtse  
CD CFP0072695 Classical 08/99 Shostakovich Symphony No.10  
CD CAP0073368 Classical 08/99 Shostakovich Symphony Nos.10 & 13  
CD POL0466066 Classical 06/99 Shostakovich 24 Preludes & Fugues  
CD LNN0000065 Classical 06/99 Shostakovich Schidlof Quartet  
CD KOC0367172 Classical 05/99 Shostakovich Symphony No.13,Op.11  
CD POL0458919 Classical 05/99 Shostakovich Symphony No.15  
CD BBC0004002 Classical 03/99 Shostakovich Symphony No.8  
CD NAX0999599 Classical 03/99 Shostakovich Complete Works For P  
CD OLY0000585 Classical 02/99 Shostakovich Music For Organ  
CD VAC0008077 Classical 01/99 Shostakovich Piano Quintet  
CD CHN0009690 Classical 01/99 Shostakovich Symphony No.13 In B-  
CD CHN0009585 Classical 07/98 Shostakovich Symphony No.12  
CD NAX0550977 Classical 06/98 Shostakovich Vol.6-Complete Strin  
CD NAX0550976 Classical 04/98 Shostakovich Vol.5-Complete Strin  
CD RRV0010084 Classical 04/98 Shostakovich 5 Entr'Acts & Kateri  
CD RRV0010061 Classical 04/98 Shostakovich Festive Ov.In A Op.9  
CD RRV0040004 Classical 04/98 Shostakovich Great Russians-Vol.3  
CD RRV0070003 Classical 04/98 Shostakovich Plays-Prel.& Fug.Op.  
CD RRV0070002 Classical 04/98 Shostakovich Plays-Sym.10 In E Mi  
CD RRV0010101 Classical 04/98 Shostakovich Rostropovich Perform  
CD RRV0010091 Classical 04/98 Shostakovich Symphony No.11 In G  
CD CHN0009621 Classical 04/98 Shostakovich Symphony No.7  
CD RRV0010059 Classical 04/98 Shostakovich Symphony No.7,Lening  
CD RCA0054452 Classical 03/98 Shostakovich Symphony No.11  
CD ARA0006698 Classical 02/98 Shostakovich Shostakovich  
CD POL0455776 Classical 02/98 Shostakovich String Quartets  
CD TLD0017046 01/98 Shostakovich Complete Symphonies  
CD DOR0090161 Classical 01/98 Shostakovich Symphony No.7  
CD KOC0007017 Classical 12/97 Shostakovich Execution Of Stepan  
CD KOC0374142 Classical 12/97 Shostakovich Symphony No.11  
CD NAX0550813 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Cello Concertos Nos.  
CD NAX0550973 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich String Quartets 1,8,  
CD NAX0550427 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Sym.Nos. 5 & 9  
CD NAX0550972 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich String Qrts Nos.4,6,  
CD NAX0550623 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Symphonies Nos.1 & 3  
CD NAX0550624 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Symphonies Nos.2 & 1  
CD NAX0550632 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Symphonies Nos.5 & 9  
CD NAX0550626 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Symphonies Nos.6 & 1  
CD NAX0550633 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Symphony No.10  
CD NAX0550629 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Symphony No.11  
CD NAX0550630 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Symphony No.13  
CD NAX0550631 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Symphony No.14  
CD NAX0550625 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Symphony No.4  
CD NAX0550627 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Symphony No.7  
CD NAX0550628 Classical 11/97 Shostakovich Symphony No.8  
CD NAX0556684 Classical 09/97 Shostakovich Best Of  
CD RCA0049688 09/97 Shostakovich Cello Concertos.Op.1  
CD NAX0550814 Classical 08/97 Shostakovich Violin Ctos 1 & 2  
CD NAX0553299 Classical 07/97 Shostakovich Gadfly  
CD NAX0553297 Classical 07/97 Shostakovich Piano Trios 1 & 2  
CD NAX0550975 Classical 07/97 Shostakovich String Quart.Vol.4-#  
CD NAX0550974 Classical 07/97 Shostakovich String Quartets Vol.  
CD POL0452597 04/97 Shostakovich Dance Album  
CD CBS0062642 09/96 Shostakovich Symphony No.1  
CA CBS0062642 09/96 Shostakovich Symphony No.1  
CD POL0439036 Classical 07/96 Shostakovich Symphony No.10  
CD TLD0010696 Classical 02/96 Shostakovich Vln.Cto#1  
CD RCA0062548 Classical 01/96 Shostakovich Sym#7  
CD TLD0094557 Classical 11/95 Shostakovich Sym 5  
CA CBS0053261 10/95 Shostakovich Symp No.5;Love For T  
CD BRC0009043 Classical 09/95 Shostakovich Symphony No.1  
CD POL0437819 Classical 07/95 Shostakovich Symp No.8 In C Minor  
CD DEN0075719 Classical 11/94 Shostakovich Symphonies Nos.2 & 5  
CD DEN0075444 Classical 11/94 Shostakovich Symphonies Nos.9 & 3  
CD DEN0075887 Classical 11/94 Shostakovich Symphony No.13 "Babi  
CD DEN0075330 Classical 11/94 Shostakovich Symphony No.4  
CD KOC0007274 Classical 09/94 Shostakovich Film Suites  
CD TLD0090853 Classical 07/94 Shostakovich Symphony Nos.2 & 3  
CD TLD0090849 Classical 06/94 Shostakovich Symp Nos.1 & 9  
CD TLD0090848 Classical 05/94 Shostakovich Symp No.13  
CD TEL0080291 Classical 03/94 Shostakovich Symp No.8  
CD CAP0065206 Classical 03/94 Shostakovich Symphony No.11  
CD CHN0009251 Classical 03/94 Shostakovich Golden Age-Complete  
CD CBS0053261 Classical 10/93 Shostakovich Symphony No.5-Love F  
CD TLD0076262 Classical 08/93 Shostakovich Symp No.11  
CD POL0433702 Classical 02/93 Shostakovich Jazz Suite Nos 1 & 2  
CD TLD0076261 Classical 10/92 Shostakovich Sym No 4  
CD TLD0074719 Classical 09/92 Shostakovich Sym 8  
CD NAX0550326 Classical 06/92 Shostakovich Sym No 10  
CD TLD0045752 Classical 05/92 Shostakovich Symphony No Op.47  
CD TLD0074529 Classical 03/92 Shostakovich Symphony No.10  
CD TLD0074560 Classical 03/92 Shostakovich Symphony No.15  
CD POL0447759 Classical 04/02 Shostakovich Symphony No.4  
CD CHL0072093 Classical 03/02 Shostakovich Brodsky Quartet Play  
CD CHN0009813 Classical 02/02 Shostakovich Symphony No.6,Op.93  
CD EA0089092 Classical 02/02 Shostakovich Piano Cto.Nos.1&2-So  
CD EA0089093 Classical 02/02 Shostakovich String Quartet Nos.7  
CD DHS0007787 Classical 02/02 Shostakovich V.1-Composers Perfor  
CD CCB0016398 Classical 02/02 Shostakovich Violin Sonata Op.134  
CD CAP057176B Classical 10/01 Shostakovich Symphony No.8  
CD TEL0080572 Classical 07/01 Shostakovich Sym.Nos.1 & 15  
DVD CHN0050001 04/01 Shostakovich Vol.1-Cultural Herit  
CD IMF0002018 Classical 04/01 Shostakovich Symphony No.5  
DVD PC0011524 Classical 03/01 Shostakovich Sym.#10  
CD POL0469525 Classical 03/01 Shostakovich Symphony Nos.2,3-Sui  
CD BBC0004060 Classical 02/01 Shostakovich Violin Concertos Nos  
CD BUX0002022 Classical 02/01 Shostakovich Quartets Arranged Fo  
CD VGN0059041 Classical 02/01 Shostakovich String Quartets 3,7  
CD AIO0068506 Classical 02/01 Shostakovich Strings Quartets No.  
CD WTP0005190 Classical 02/01 Shostakovich Symphony Nos.5 & 9  
CD NAX0554745 Classical 02/01 Shostakovich 24 Preludes & Fugues  
CD CHN0009522 Classical 01/01 Shostakovich Symphony No.10-Big L  
CD EMI0054339 Classical 12/00 Shostakovich Symphony Nos.6 & 9  
DVD IME0005821 Classical 11/00 Shostakovich Sym.5-Andre Previn  
CD VGN0061134 Classical 10/00 Shostakovich Symphony No.10  
CD EMI0054606 Classical 10/00 Shostakovich Composers In Person  
CD EMI0002043 Classical 10/00 Shostakovich Symphony No.10  
CD LNN0000004 Classical 10/00 Shostakovich Symphony No.5 In D M  
CD CHN0006617 Classical 09/00 Shostakovich Chamber Symphony  
CD CAP0073839 Classical 09/00 Shostakovich Sym. Nos.7 & 11  
CD VGN0059312 Classical 08/00 Shostakovich Piano Quintet  
CD ECT0002046 Classical 08/00 Shostakovich Sonata For Cello & P  
CD POL0425074 Classical 08/00 Shostakovich Sym. #14 "6 Poems Of  
CD POL0425069 Classical 08/00 Shostakovich Sym. #15;From Jewish  
CD POL0425072 Classical 08/00 Shostakovich Symphony 11 "The Yea  
CD POL0425073 Classical 08/00 Shostakovich Symphony 13 "Babi Ya  
CD POL0425068 Classical 08/00 Shostakovich Symphony 7 "Leningra  
CD POL0425071 Classical 08/00 Shostakovich Symphony 8  
CD LNN0000095 Classical 07/00 Shostakovich Chamber Symphony In  
CD POL0425063 Classical 07/00 Shostakovich Symphonies 1 & 3  
CD POL0425066 Classical 07/00 Shostakovich Symphonies 5 & 9  
CD POL0425067 Classical 07/00 Shostakovich Symphonies 6 & 12  
CD POL0425065 Classical 07/00 Shostakovich Symphony No.4  
CD POL0425064 Classical 07/00 Shostakovich Symphony Nos.2 & 10  
CD RCA0072915 Classical 06/00 Shostakovich Symphonies Nos. 1-15  
CD TLD0021467 Classical 05/00 Shostakovich Sym.#7 "Leningrad"-M  
CD CHN0009792 Classical 04/00 Shostakovich Der Arme Columbus Ov  
CD VAC0001030 Classical 03/00 Shostakovich Symphony No.7  
CD VAC0001031 Classical 03/00 Shostakovich Symphony Nos. 1 & 5  
CD VIR0061630 Classical 02/00 Shostakovich String Quartet  
CD POL0463284 Classical 01/00 Shostakovich Complete String Quar  

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