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CD TEL0080180 Classical n/a Strauss 4 Last Songs-Previn  
CD DEN0002259 Classical n/a Strauss Also Sprach Zarathus  
CD POL0422084 Classical n/a Strauss Ariadne Auf Naxos  
CD RCA0060490 Classical n/a Strauss Blue Danube & Other  
CD FIN0003309 Christmas n/a Strauss Christmas  
CD MSI0021146 Clas n/a Strauss Der Rosenkavalier  
CD CBS0036721 Classical n/a Strauss Don Juan;Till Eulens  
CD CBS0039863 Classical n/a Strauss Don Quixote-Yo Yo Ma  
CD CBS0045804 Classical n/a Strauss Don Quixote-Yo-Yo Ma  
CD TEL0080098 Classical n/a Strauss Ein Straussfest  
CD CBS0045800 Classical n/a Strauss Eine A  
CD TEL0080211 Classical n/a Strauss Eine Alpensinfonie  
CD LAS0015619 Classical n/a Strauss Famous Overtures  
CD NAX0550340 Classical n/a Strauss Favorite Waltzes,Pol  
CD NAX0550339 Classical n/a Strauss Favourite Waltzes,Pl  
CD CBS0035140 Classical n/a Strauss Four Last Songs  
CD CAP0047834 Classical n/a Strauss Horn Concertos  
CD POL0416298 Classical n/a Strauss Lieder-Norman  
CD CBS0044702 Classical n/a Strauss Metamorphosen-Salone  
CD NAX0550152 Classical n/a Strauss Most Famous Waltzes  
CD CBS0046717 Classical n/a Strauss Salome-Eva M  
CD POL0414414 Classical n/a Strauss Salome-Nilsson  
CD TEL0080167 Classical n/a Strauss Sprach Zarathustra  
CD MSI0207319 Clas n/a Strauss Unesco Classics  
CD CHS0000070 Classical n/a Strauss Waltzes  
CD CAP0047052 Classical n/a Strauss Waltzes-Boskovsky  
CD CHS0000095 Classical n/a Strauss Waltzes-Vol.2  
CD DLS0003052 Classical n/a Strauss Zarathustra  
CD POL0460648 Classical 11/99 Strauss Waltzes  
CD CAP0073614 Classical 11/99 Strauss Orchestral Works  
CD POL0445182 Classical 11/99 Strauss 4 Last Songs  
CD ARA0006733 Classical 11/99 Strauss Horn Concerti  
CD CDI0013762 Latin 11/99 Strauss Die Hedermaus "El Mu  
CD NAX0553379 Classical 11/99 Strauss Le Bourgeois Gentiho  
CD KOC0340392 Classical 10/99 Strauss Celebration  
CD NAX0501004 Classical 10/99 Strauss 100 Most Famous Wa-V  
CD NAX0554525 Classical 10/99 Strauss 100 Most Famous Walt  
CD NAX0554526 Classical 10/99 Strauss 100 Most Famous Walt  
CD NAX0554523 Classical 09/99 Strauss 100 Most Famous Walt  
CD NAX0554524 Classical 09/99 Strauss 100 Most Famous Walt  
CD CAP0067156 Classical 09/99 Strauss Ariadne Auf Naxos  
CD KOC0365352 Classical 09/99 Strauss Ballet Suites After  
CD CAP0067153 Opera 09/99 Strauss Die Fledermaus  
CD TLD0024489 Classical 09/99 Strauss In Berlin  
CD KOC0365302 Classical 09/99 Strauss Piano Sonata,Op.5  
CD CAP0067159 Opera 09/99 Strauss Salome  
CD NAX0554521 Classical 08/99 Strauss 100 Most Famous Walt  
CD NAX0554522 Classical 08/99 Strauss 100 Most Famous Walt  
CD NAX0223619 Classical 08/99 Strauss Edition-Vol.17  
CD NAX0223620 Classical 08/99 Strauss Edition-Vol.18  
CD SNR0005022 Classical 08/99 Strauss Mostly Strauss  
CD NAX0554519 Classical 07/99 Strauss 100 Most Famous Walt  
CD NAX0554520 Classical 07/99 Strauss 100 Most Famous Walt  
CD NAX0554417 Classical 07/99 Strauss Ein Heldenleben-Macb  
CD NAX0554517 Classical 06/99 Strauss 100 Most Famous Walt  
CD NAX0554518 Classical 06/99 Strauss 100 Most Famous Walt  
CD TLD0025990 Classical 06/99 Strauss Four Last Songs,Don  
CD RCA0063265 Classical 05/99 Strauss Box Set  
CD NAX0223618 Classical 05/99 Strauss Edition-Vol.16  
CD MUA0004754 Classical 05/99 Strauss Ein Heldenleben  
CD NAX0225075 Classical 05/99 Strauss On Stage-Vol.2  
CD POL0460296 Classical 05/99 Strauss Concertos  
CD NAX0223575 Classical 04/99 Strauss Edition-Vol.15  
CD CAP0073295 Classical 04/99 Strauss Favorite Waltzes  
CD NAX0223574 Classical 03/99 Strauss Vol.14  
CD CAP0066965 Classical 03/99 Strauss Don Quixote Concerto  
CD LAS0024464 Classical 03/99 Strauss Most Famous Waltzes  
CD ARR0047266 Classical 02/99 Strauss Chamber Music-Vol.8  
CD CHN0009611 Classical 02/99 Strauss Salome  
CD NAX0223573 Classical 02/99 Strauss Edition-Vol.13  
DVD MAD0090511 Classical 12/98 Strauss Magic Of Vienna  
CD REF0000083 Classical 10/98 Strauss Ein Heldenleben  
CD ARR0047264 Classical 09/98 Strauss Chamber Music-Vol.6  
CD KOC0365482 Classical 09/98 Strauss Donkey'S Shadow  
CD BRC0009121 Classical 09/98 Strauss Lieder  
CD CHN0007113 Classical 08/98 Strauss Four Last Songs-Orch  
CD DEN0018067 Classical 07/98 Strauss Orchestral Works-Vol  
CD POL0448815 Classical 06/98 Strauss Also Sprach Zarathus  
CD ARR0047396 Classical 05/98 Strauss Complete Brass & Win  
CD ARR0047267 Classical 05/98 Strauss Complete Chamber Mus  
CD POL0457725 Classical 04/98 Strauss Don Quixote  
CD NAX0223572 Classical 03/98 Strauss Edition-Vol.12  
CD NAX0223570 Classical 03/98 Strauss Edition-Vol.10  
CD ARA0006586 Classical 02/98 Strauss Waltzes For Singing  
CD ARR0047263 Classical 01/98 Strauss Complete Chamber Mus  
CD ARR0047265 Classical 01/98 Strauss Complete Chamber Mus  
CD DOR0080102 01/98 Strauss Favorite Melodies  
CD LAS0014302 Classical 11/97 Strauss On The Beautivul Blu  
CD POL0455154 Classical 11/97 Strauss Blue Danube  
CD POL0455254 Classical 11/97 Strauss Waltzes,Polkas & Mar  
CD POL0453429 09/97 Strauss Elektra  
CD NAX0556664 Classical 08/97 Strauss Best Of  
CD NAX0223566 Classical 07/97 Strauss Vol.6  
CD RCA0068635 04/97 Strauss Reiner Conducts  
CD POL0449725 03/97 Strauss Sieg Idyll  
CD CBS0062650 03/97 Strauss Der Rosencavalier Su  
CA CBS0062650 03/97 Strauss Der Rosencavalier Su  
CD POL0447454 02/97 Strauss Alpine Symphony  
CD RCA0068539 09/96 Strauss Four Last Songs  
CD POL0448582 08/96 Strauss Also Sprach Zarathus  
CD POL0447762 08/96 Strauss Don Quiote  
CD POL0444405 Classical 05/96 Strauss Capriccio  
CD POL0447441 Classical 04/96 Strauss Dance Of Seven Veils  
CD TLD0094555 Classical 01/96 Strauss Der Zigeunerbaron  
CA CBS0053511 10/95 Strauss Death & Transfigurat  
CA CBS0048272 10/95 Strauss Ein Heldenleben-Orma  
CA CBS0048164 10/95 Strauss Viennese Waltzes & P  
CD TEL0080371 Classical 06/95 Strauss Der Rosenkavalier Su  
CD TEL0080428 Classical 06/95 Strauss Essential Richard St  
CD CBS0053267 Classical 06/95 Strauss Ein Heldenleben  
CD CBS0064466 Classical 05/95 Strauss Don Juan,Op.20;Tod U  
CD POL0443473 Classical 02/95 Strauss Waltzes Blue Danube,  
CD POL0440618 Classical 10/94 Strauss Sprach Zarathusta,Ei  
CD POL0439865 Classical 09/94 Strauss 4 Last Songs  
CD CBS0048242 Classical 09/94 Strauss Brentana Lieder Op.6  
CD POL0442281 Classical 08/94 Strauss Tone Poems  
CD CBS0064063 Classical 08/94 Strauss Greatest Hits  
CD CBS0053511 Classical 05/94 Strauss Death & Transfigurat  
CD CBS0057238 Classical 02/94 Strauss Waltzes-The Blue Dan  
CD CHN0009223 Classical 01/94 Strauss Capella Choral Works  
CD POL0438503 Classical 12/93 Strauss Die Fledermaus-Highl  
CD POL0439017 Classical 11/93 Strauss Eine Alpensinfonie O  
CD TLD0091974 Classical 05/93 Strauss Die Fledermaus  
CD POL0437255 Classical 05/93 Strauss Waltzes & Polkas  
CD TLD0045997 Classical 04/93 Strauss Alpine Symp  
CD TLD0045998 Classical 04/93 Strauss Waltzes & Polkas  
CD CBS0047197 Classical 03/93 Strauss Symp Music From Inte  
CD CBS0048272 Classical 11/92 Strauss Ein Heldenleben-Orma  
CD CBS0052657 Classical 10/92 Strauss Ophelia-Lieder-Gould  
CD NAX0505005 Classical 07/92 Strauss Famous Waltzes,Polka  
CD NAX0550342 Classical 06/92 Strauss Aus Italien-Liebe De  
CD CBS0048164 Classical 06/92 Strauss Viennese Waltzes & P  
CD NAX0550336 Classical 01/92 Strauss Favourite Waltzes  
CD NAX0550338 Classical 01/92 Strauss Favourite Waltzes  
CD NAX0550337 Classical 01/92 Strauss Favourite Waltzes-Vo  
CD POL0432157 Classical 11/91 Strauss Die Fledermaus-Te Ka  
CD POL0431810 Classical 10/91 Strauss Salome-Studer  
CD TEL0080262 Classical 06/91 Strauss Don Juan,Don Quixote  
CD TLD0045621 Classical 05/91 Strauss Ein Heldenleben-Bare  
CD TLD0035762 Classical 01/91 Strauss Die Fledermaus Compl  
CD NAX0223571 Classical 02/02 Strauss Edition-Vol.11  
CD JMX0000011 Classical 01/02 Strauss Also Sprach Zarathus  
DVD DDD0001016 Classical 01/02 Strauss Dts-Ac-3-Waltzes And  
CD OPP0001327 Opera 01/02 Strauss Der Rosenkavalier  
CD CAP0092396 Dvd Audio 11/01 Strauss Also Sprach Zarathus  
DVD PC0011578 Classical 10/01 Strauss Cto For Horn & Orch  
DVD IME0009303 Opera 10/01 Strauss Elektra-Vienna State  
DVD POL0073008 Opera 10/01 Strauss Der Rosenkavalier  
CD POL0471323 Opera 09/01 Strauss Ariadne Auf Naxos  
CD POL0460230 Opera 09/01 Strauss Arabella  
CD POL0417493 Opera 09/01 Strauss Der Rosenkavalier  
CD CAP0067609 Opera 09/01 Strauss Der Rosenkavalier:Sc  
CD RCA0075398 Classical 08/01 Strauss Don Quixote;Romance  
CD OPP0001311 Opera 08/01 Strauss Salome  
CD OPP0009011 Opera 08/01 Strauss Ariadne Auf Naxos  
CD OPP0001300 Opera 06/01 Strauss Elektra  
DVD POL0073005 Opera 06/01 Strauss Arabella  
DVD POL0073007 Opera 06/01 Strauss Die Fledermaus  
DVD PC0011520 Opera 06/01 Strauss Elektra-Metropolitan  
CD IRL0001313 Classical 05/01 Strauss Half-Century Of Grea  
CD POL0469519 Classical 05/01 Strauss Eine Alpensinfonie;R  
CD EMI0066200 Classical 04/01 Strauss Night In Venice  
CD TLD0023913 Classical 04/01 Strauss Wind Concertos  
CD TEL0080570 Classical 03/01 Strauss Die Liebe Der Danae-  
CD POL0467413 Classical 03/01 Strauss Waltzes  
CD CAP0067535 Classical 03/01 Strauss Der Zigeunerbaron  
CD POL0463190 Classical 03/01 Strauss Tone Poems  
CD CAP0067532 Classical 03/01 Strauss Wiener Blut-Eine Nac  
CD NAX0223621 Classical 03/01 Strauss Edition-Vol.19  
CD TLD0083563 Classical 02/01 Strauss New Year'S Concert 2  
CD POL0458250 Opera 02/01 Strauss Famous Scenes  
CD KOC0365712 Classical 01/01 Strauss Piano Concertos  
CD MUA0004829 Classical 01/01 Strauss Til Eulenspiegel  
CD EMI0054881 Classical 01/01 Strauss Viennese Waltzes For  
CD CAP0067495 Classical 01/01 Strauss Four Last Songs  
DVD IME0005797 Opera 12/00 Strauss Die Fledermaus-Royal  
CD FIN0004416 Classical 12/00 Strauss Essential Strauss  
CD EMI0061424 Classical 11/00 Strauss Ein Heldenleben,Op.4  
CD CBS0089383 Dvd Audio 11/00 Strauss Waltzes-Szell (S.A.C  
CD EMI0069529 Opera 11/00 Strauss Wiener Blut (Vienna  
CD POL0467122 Classical 11/00 Strauss Tod Und Verklarung:T  
CD EMI0066108 Classical 10/00 Strauss Ein Heldenleben  
CD EMI0002051 Classical 10/00 Strauss Symphonia Domestica  
CD CHN0007133 Classical 10/00 Strauss Vol.3-Symphonic Poem  
CD POL0469208 Classical 10/00 Strauss Panorama-Various  
CD POL0467111 Opera 10/00 Strauss Der Rosenkavalier  
CD POL0467118 Classical 10/00 Strauss Four Last Songs  
CD CAP0057009 Classical 10/00 Strauss Simplicius  
CD NAX0554175 Classical 10/00 Strauss Don Quixote  
CD KOC0316432 Classical 09/00 Strauss Elektra  
CD POL0469211 Classical 09/00 Strauss Panorama-Various  
DVD IME0006924 Opera 09/00 Strauss Der Rosenkavalier  
VHS IME0006879 Classical 09/00 Strauss Massimo Theatre  
CD CAP0073851 Opera 09/00 Strauss Die Fledermaus  
CD KOC0365402 Classical 08/00 Strauss Early Orchestral Wor  
CD CAP0067391 Opera 08/00 Strauss Capriccio  
CD PLD0017342 Jazz 08/00 Strauss Greatest Masterpiece  
DVD NAX0100025 Classical 07/00 Strauss Gala:Waltzes-Operett  
CD POL0453190 Classical 07/00 Strauss Tone Poems(Box Set)  
CD TLD0021091 Classical 07/00 Strauss Waltzes  
CD PEA0000087 Classical 06/00 Strauss Die Fledermaus  
CD KOC0365362 Classical 06/00 Strauss Ruins Of Athens-Vol.  
CD VIR0061766 Classical 06/00 Strauss Songs With Orchestra  
CD TCB0020052 Jazz 05/00 Strauss All That Strauss:Fir  
CD OPP0001218 Classical 05/00 Strauss Die Frau Ohne Schatt  
CD POL0466388 Classical 04/00 Strauss Zarathustra-Don Juan  
CD TXA0000035 Classical 03/00 Strauss Also Sprach Zarathus  
CD CFP0072867 Opera 03/00 Strauss Der Rosenkavalier  
CD TXA0000034 Classical 03/00 Strauss Famous Waltzes And P  
CD TLD0028409 Classical 01/00 Strauss Ein Heldenleben,Don  
CD RCA0069431 Classical 01/00 Strauss Der Rosenkavalier  
CD RCA0069429 Classical 01/00 Strauss Die Agyptische Helen  
CD POL0457765 Classical 01/00 Strauss Die Fledermaus  
CD CBS0089037 01/00 Strauss Don Juan Op.20 Death  
CD RCA0069430 Classical 01/00 Strauss Salome  

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