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CD OPD0001209 Sale Item n/a Stravinsky *Oedipus Rex*  
CD DLS0003051 Classical n/a Stravinsky Firebird-Nightngale  
CD CBS0044917 Classical n/a Stravinsky Firebird-Salonen,Esa  
CD CBS0042432 Classical n/a Stravinsky Firebird-Stravinsky,  
CD POL0423251 Classical n/a Stravinsky Les Noces,Mass  
CD CBS0035823 Classical n/a Stravinsky Petrouchka  
CD CHS0000042 n/a Stravinsky Petrouchka  
CD DLS0003054 Classical n/a Stravinsky Petrouschka-Fireword  
CD CBS0045796 Classical n/a Stravinsky Rite  
CD CBS0042433 Classical n/a Stravinsky Rite Of Spring  
CD TEL0080266 Classical n/a Stravinsky Rite Of Spring  
CD POL0431045 Classical n/a Stravinsky Rite Of Spring  
CD CHS0000122 Classical n/a Stravinsky Soldier'S Tale  
CD DLS0003021 Classical n/a Stravinsky Soldier'S Tale  
CD CBS0042101 Classical n/a Stravinsky Suite Ita  
CD CBS0042434 Classical n/a Stravinsky Sym Of Psalms-Stravi  
CD MSI0207321 Clas n/a Stravinsky Unesco Classics  
CD CBS0064136 Classical 11/99 Stravinsky Conducts Stravinsky  
CD PEA0000066 Classical 11/99 Stravinsky Piano Concerto In G  
CD POL0448812 Classical 10/99 Stravinsky Firebird Suite  
CD KOC0007470 Classical 09/99 Stravinsky Pulcinella-Vol.3  
CD POL0458898 Classical 09/99 Stravinsky 3 Symphonies  
CD OPP0001209 Opera 09/99 Stravinsky Oedipus Rex  
CD CHN0007120 Classical 08/99 Stravinsky Jeu De Cartes  
CD POL0459648 Classical 08/99 Stravinsky Rake'S Progress  
CD POL0454477 Classical 08/99 Stravinsky Sacred Choral Works  
CD POL0459644 Classical 06/99 Stravinsky Orpheus,Danses Conce  
CD RCA0068898 Classical 05/99 Stravinsky Rite Of Spring;Perse  
CD CHN0002408 Classical 05/99 Stravinsky Symphonies  
CD RCA0063311 Classical 03/99 Stravinsky Rite Of Spring;Fire  
CD CBS0063325 Classical 10/98 Stravinsky Conducts Stravinsky-  
CD POL0446715 Classical 10/98 Stravinsky Firebird-Prometheus-  
CD NAX0554367 Classical 07/98 Stravinsky Pribaoutki-Berceuses  
CD VAC0000092 Classical 07/98 Stravinsky Story Of A Soldier  
CD POL0458142 Classical 05/98 Stravinsky Firebird-Chailly-Roy  
CD RRV0010052 Classical 04/98 Stravinsky Fairy'S Kiss,Apollon  
CD CHN0009488 Classical 04/98 Stravinsky Mavra  
CD TLD0018964 Classical 03/98 Stravinsky Firebird-Rite Of Spr  
CD REF0000070 Classical 01/98 Stravinsky Firebird Ste-Rite Of  
CD ARR0047357 Classical 01/98 Stravinsky L'Histoire Du Soldat  
CD KOC0007276 Classical 12/97 Stravinsky Fairy'S Kiss  
CD KOC0007211 Classical 12/97 Stravinsky Octet  
CD KOC0007359 Classical 12/97 Stravinsky Rite Of Spring  
CD NAX0553386 Classical 11/97 Stravinsky Music For Two Pianos  
CD NAX0553217 Classical 11/97 Stravinsky Rite Of Spring  
CD NAX0556685 Classical 10/97 Stravinsky Best Of  
CD NAX0554060 Classical 10/97 Stravinsky Firebird;Rite Of Spr  
CD RCA0068865 09/97 Stravinsky In America  
CD RCA0049706 09/97 Stravinsky Apollon Musagete;Pul  
CD RCA0037865 09/97 Stravinsky Pulcinella;Soldier'S  
CD NAX0550472 Classical 08/97 Stravinsky Rite Of Spring-Jeu D  
CD NAX0553403 Classical 07/97 Stravinsky Symphonies  
CD POL0453085 07/97 Stravinsky Rite Of Spring  
CD NAX0553181 Classical 07/97 Stravinsky Pulcinella  
CD TLD0098255 06/97 Stravinsky Vln.Cto  
CD POL0453434 06/97 Stravinsky Symphony In E-Flat  
CD POL0454431 04/97 Stravinsky Rake'S Progress  
CD RCA0033220 03/97 Stravinsky In Moscow 1962  
CD TLD0012715 Classical 08/96 Stravinsky Rake'S Progress  
CD POL0443775 Classical 03/96 Stravinsky Petrushka Jeu De Car  
CD POL0447431 Classical 02/96 Stravinsky Petrouchka,Prokofiev  
CD LAS0014273 Classical 11/95 Stravinsky Rite Of Spring  
CA CBS0047664 10/95 Stravinsky Petrouchka-The Fireb  
CA CBS0039015 10/95 Stravinsky Rite Of Spring  
CD POL0445538 Classical 07/95 Stravinsky La Sacre Du Printemp  
CD POL0443774 Classical 03/95 Stravinsky Pulcinella Suite  
CD CBS0058949 Classical 03/95 Stravinsky Le Baiser De La Fee  
CD POL0442583 Classical 02/95 Stravinsky Symphonies & Concert  
CD CBS0064109 Classical 01/95 Stravinsky Le Sacre Du Printemp  
CD CBS0066307 Classical 10/94 Stravinsky Firebird  
CD CBS0066727 Classical 10/94 Stravinsky Petrushka;Apollo  
CD CHN0009291 Classical 09/94 Stravinsky Ragtime-Octet For Wi  
CD CHN0009238 Classical 01/94 Stravinsky Symp In 3 Movements;  
CD CHN0009239 Classical 01/94 Stravinsky Symp Of Psalms;Conce  
CD POL0438865 Classical 01/94 Stravinsky Oedipus Rex  
CD CBS0053275 Classical 01/94 Stravinsky Symp Of Psalms,Symp  
CD CBS0053274 Classical 11/93 Stravinsky Petrouchka  
CD POL0437850 Classical 11/93 Stravinsky Der Feuervogel  
CD CBS0046299 Classical 08/93 Stravinsky Rake'S Progress  
CD POL0434331 Classical 05/93 Stravinsky Oetrouchka  
CD POL0435769 Classical 10/92 Stravinsky Petrouchka & The Rit  
CD CBS0048057 Classical 06/92 Stravinsky Oedipus Rex-Esa Pekk  
CD NAX0550263 Classical 01/92 Stravinsky Firebird Suite-Pertr  
CD CBS0047664 Classical 01/92 Stravinsky Petrouchka-The Fireb  
CD CBS0045843 Classical 12/91 Stravinsky Firebird Suite-Boule  
CD CBS0046667 Classical 09/91 Stravinsky Apollon Musagete,Con  
CD CBS0045965 Classical 09/91 Stravinsky Octet For Wind Instr  
CD CBS0046290 Classical 08/91 Stravinsky 1882-1971 The Editio  
CD REF0000017 Classical 06/91 Stravinsky L'Histoire Du Soldat  
CD TEL0080270 Classical 06/91 Stravinsky Firebird Suite-Zinma  
CD DLS0006005 Classical 05/91 Stravinsky Russian Fairy Tale-S  
CD RCA0060541 Classical 04/91 Stravinsky Rite Of Spring  
CD POL0432012 Classical 02/91 Stravinsky Firebird & More-Lond  
CD EMI0556874 Classical 03/02 Stravinsky Le Rossignol  
CD POL0464744 Classical 01/02 Stravinsky Rite Of Spring;Fireb  
CD CAP0074305 Classical 07/01 Stravinsky Rite Of Spring & Pet  
CD VIR0061848 Classical 05/01 Stravinsky Firebird  
DVD IME0009287 Classical 03/01 Stravinsky Le Sacre Du Print-Sy  
CD TLD0081041 Classical 03/01 Stravinsky Le Sacre Du Printemp  
CD KOC0007504 Classical 02/01 Stravinsky L'Histoire Du Soldat  
CD POL0469205 Classical 02/01 Stravinsky Panorama-Various  
CD VGN0061322 Classical 12/00 Stravinsky Firebird Suite  
CD CHN0009240 Classical 10/00 Stravinsky Oedipus Rex.Symphony  
CD KOC0007472 Classical 08/00 Stravinsky Firebird Suite-Sym.I  
DVD IME0005778 Opera 07/00 Stravinsky Rake'S Progress-Slaz  
CD POL0453458 Classical 06/00 Stravinsky Shadow Dances-Orpheu  
CD RCA0057127 Classical 03/00 Stravinsky Le Chant Du Rossigno  
CD POL0457616 Classical 02/00 Stravinsky Symphony Of Psalms  
CD CAP0073704 Classical 01/00 Stravinsky Rite Of Spring (1915  

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