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CD MSI0028243 Clas n/a Wagner Das Rheingold  
CD POL0415278 Classical n/a Wagner Die Meistersinger  
CD POL0423389 Classical n/a Wagner Die Walkuere  
CD POL0425417 Classical n/a Wagner Flying Dutchman-Dora  
CD MSI0026169 Clas n/a Wagner Gotterdammerung  
CD CBS0044657 Classical n/a Wagner Highlights "String"-  
CD POL0421053 Classical n/a Wagner Lohengrin-Domingo  
CD NAX0550136 Classical n/a Wagner Lohengrin-Tannhauese  
CD DLS0003040 Classical n/a Wagner Orch Music V.1  
CD DLS0003053 Classical n/a Wagner Orch Music Vol.2  
CD LAS0015521 Classical n/a Wagner Overtures & Preludes  
CD POL0413347 Classical n/a Wagner Parsifal-Hoffman,Mol  
CD POL0417143 Classical n/a Wagner Parsifal-Kollo  
CD POL0423613 Classical n/a Wagner Preludes & Liebestod  
CD POL0429168 Classical n/a Wagner Ring Highlights-Kara  
CD CAP0067123 Classical n/a Wagner Ring Of Nibelung  
CD POL0420325 Classical n/a Wagner Ring Of The Nibelung  
CD TEL0080154 Classical n/a Wagner Ring Without Words  
CD MSI0028244 Clas n/a Wagner Tannhauser  
CD POL0427625 Classical n/a Wagner Tannhauser-Domingo,S  
CD POL0414581 Classical n/a Wagner Tannhauser-Kollo,Lud  
CD MSI0026172 Clas n/a Wagner Tristan & Isolde  
CD CAP0069319 Classical n/a Wagner Tristan Und Isolde  
CD POL0413315 Classical n/a Wagner Tristan Und Isolde  
CD POL0421020 Classical n/a Wagner Weekend  
CD TLD0024224 Classical 11/99 Wagner Overtures & Preludes  
CD NAX0110049 Classical 10/99 Wagner Parsifal  
CD CAP0067131 Classical 10/99 Wagner Rienzi  
CD CAP0067148 Opera 09/99 Wagner Die Meistersinger  
CD RCA0061950 Opera 09/99 Wagner Parsifal  
CD CFP0072703 Classical 08/99 Wagner Orchestral Music  
CD CAP0073299 Classical 04/99 Wagner Overtures  
CD CHN0009686 Classical 04/99 Wagner Symphonic Syntheses  
DVD IME0004580 Foreign 03/99 Wagner Parsifal-The Movie  
CD TLD0023294 Classical 12/98 Wagner Die Walkure,Act 1-Va  
CD ATL0021484 Classical 11/98 Wagner Lohengrin-Barenboim  
CD OPP0001169 Classical 10/98 Wagner Parsifal  
CD OPP0001172 Classical 10/98 Wagner Tannhauser  
CD OPP0001173 Classical 10/98 Wagner Tristan Und Isolde  
CD POL0460610 09/98 Wagner Overtures & Choruses  
CD POL0437778 Classical 08/98 Wagner Der Fliengnede Holla  
CD RCA0050164 Classical 08/98 Wagner Lohengrin-Complete  
CD POL0457780 Classical 07/98 Wagner Complete Ring Cycle  
CD NAX0999531 Classical 06/98 Wagner Symphony In C  
CD TLD0017109 05/98 Wagner Orchestra Excerpts F  
CD POL0458210 Classical 05/98 Wagner Der Ring Des Nib.-Gr  
CD POL0458214 Classical 05/98 Wagner Favorite Overtures-S  
CD POL0453485 Classical 05/98 Wagner Orchestral Works  
CD NAX0999003 Classical 03/98 Wagner Complete Overtures-V  
CD NAX0999300 Classical 03/98 Wagner Complete Overtures-V  
CD NAX0999377 Classical 03/98 Wagner Complete Overtures-V  
CD NAX0999378 Classical 03/98 Wagner Complete Overtures-V  
CD NAX0999427 Classical 03/98 Wagner Concerto For Violin  
CD NAX0999366 Classical 03/98 Wagner Symphonic Poems  
CD OPP0001149 Classical 02/98 Wagner Lohengrin  
CD KOC0313622 Classical 12/97 Wagner Piano Music Complete  
CD KOC0313612 Classical 12/97 Wagner Piano Music-Complete  
CD LAS0014115 Classical 11/97 Wagner Der Ring Des Nibelun  
CD NAX0550498 Classical 11/97 Wagner Orchestral Highlight  
CD NAX0660025 Classical 11/97 Wagner Flying Dutchman  
CD POL0449772 Classical 11/97 Wagner Tristan & Isolde  
CD CHS0000161 Classical 11/97 Wagner Orchestral Music  
CD NAX0556657 Classical 10/97 Wagner Best Of  
CD POL0455555 Classical 10/97 Wagner Complete Ring Cycle-  
CD POL0455556 Classical 10/97 Wagner Das Rheingold-Solti-  
CD POL0455559 Classical 10/97 Wagner Die Walkure-Solti-Vi  
CD POL0455569 Classical 10/97 Wagner Gotterdammerung-Solt  
CD POL0455564 Classical 10/97 Wagner Siegfried-Solti-Vien  
CD POL0447764 09/97 Wagner Orchestral Music  
CD RCA0027796 09/97 Wagner Orch.Music 1-Janowsk  
CD RCA0030486 09/97 Wagner Orch.Music 2-Janowsk  
CD RCA0031684 09/97 Wagner Orch.Music From Oper  
CD POL0440371 08/97 Wagner Die Walkure  
CD CBS0061969 04/97 Wagner Flying Dutchman  
CD CBS0066342 04/97 Wagner Flying Dutchman Comp  
CD POL0452606 02/97 Wagner Die Meistersinger  
CD CAP0068616 Classical 06/96 Wagner Orch.Music  
CA RCA0060847 Classical 06/96 Wagner Greatest Hits  
CD POL0454020 Classical 04/96 Wagner Best Of The Ring  
CD POL0448155 Classical 02/96 Wagner Overtures  
CD TLD0099595 Classical 01/96 Wagner Overtures,Preludes  
CD CAP0069037 Classical 10/95 Wagner Overtures & Preludes  
CA CBS0038914 10/95 Wagner Grt Orch Music Tannh  
CA CBS0048175 10/95 Wagner Orchestral Music Fro  
CD RCA0062646 Classical 08/95 Wagner Lohengrin  
CD TLD0097906 Classical 08/95 Wagner Das Rheingold  
CD TLD0097907 Classical 08/95 Wagner Die Walkure  
CD TLD0097909 Classical 08/95 Wagner Gotterdammerung  
CD TLD0097910 Classical 08/95 Wagner Parsifal  
CD TLD0097908 Classical 08/95 Wagner Siegfried  
CD TLD0094568 Classical 08/95 Wagner Tristan & Isolde  
CD POL0439687 Classical 02/95 Wagner Overtures & Preludes  
CD CBS0064456 Classical 01/95 Wagner Orchestral Music  
CD POL0437808 Classical 01/95 Wagner Lohengrin  
CD DEN0075259 Classical 11/94 Wagner Symphony In C Major-  
CD POL0440606 Classical 10/94 Wagner Tristan Und Isolde P  
CD POL0445354 Classical 09/94 Wagner Der Ring Des Nibelun  
CD POL0437501 Classical 08/94 Wagner Parsifal  
CD CBS0064061 Classical 08/94 Wagner Greatest Hits  
CA CBS0064061 Classical 08/94 Wagner Greatest Hits  
CD TLD0094194 Classical 08/94 Wagner Gotterdammerung  
CD TLD0094193 Classical 08/94 Wagner Siegfied  
CD TLD0093674 Classical 05/94 Wagner Lohengrin  
CD CBS0052650 Classical 04/94 Wagner Siegdried-Idyll  
CD CBS0047644 Classical 11/93 Wagner Overture From Tannha  
CD TLD0091186 Classical 09/93 Wagner Die Walkure  
CD TLD0091185 Classical 09/93 Wagner Rheingold  
CD TEL0082005 Classical 07/93 Wagner Flying Dutchman  
CD TLD0091973 Classical 05/93 Wagner Tannhauser-Highlight  
CD POL0435874 Classical 04/93 Wagner Overtures & Preludes  
CD POL0437825 Classical 03/93 Wagner Great Moments From T  
CD POL0440107 Classical 01/93 Wagner Collection  
CD RCA0060306 Classical 10/92 Wagner Tannhauser-Ourvertur  
CD CAP0062539 Classical 09/92 Wagner Overtures & Preludes  
CD CBS0048175 Classical 06/92 Wagner Orchestral Music Fro  
CD RCA0060304 Classical 05/92 Wagner Gotterdammerung-Sieg  
CD TLD0045786 Classical 05/92 Wagner Der Ring Des Nibelun  
CD POL0429407 Classical 03/92 Wagner Siegfried-Goldberg  
CD NAX0550211 Classical 01/92 Wagner Ring-Orchestral High  
CD TLD0074448 Classical 10/91 Wagner Parsifal-Jose Van Da  
CD RCA0060847 Classical 09/91 Wagner Greatest Hits  
CD POL0429385 Classical 09/91 Wagner Twilight Of The Gods  
CD RCA0060777 Classical 06/91 Wagner Best Of-Various  
CD CBS0047832 Classical 06/91 Wagner Best For Last-Mt Cal  
CA CBS0047832 Classical 06/91 Wagner Best For Last-Mt Cal  
CD TEL0080258 Classical 04/91 Wagner Die Walkure  
CD CBS0046286 Classical 10/90 Wagner Without Words-Szell  
CD NAX0999651 Classical 12/04 Wagner Scenes & Arias For M  
CD POL0471348 Opera 02/02 Wagner Arias-Bryn Terfel  
CD POL0464751 Opera 01/02 Wagner Die Walkure  
DVD POL0070407 Opera 12/01 Wagner Der Ring Des Nibelun  
DVD POL0073011 Opera 12/01 Wagner Die Walkure  
DVD POL0070401 Opera 11/01 Wagner Das Rheingold  
CD CAP0092397 Dvd Audio 11/01 Wagner Overtures,Preludes  
DVD POL0070402 Opera 10/01 Wagner Die Walkure (2dvd)  
DVD POL0070404 Opera 10/01 Wagner Gotterdammerung (2dv  
DVD POL0070403 Opera 10/01 Wagner Siegfried (2dvd)  
CD POL0464756 Opera 10/01 Wagner Parsifal  
CD BBC0004068 Classical 10/01 Wagner Beecham  
CD CAP0067626 Opera 09/01 Wagner Tristan Und Isolde  
CD CHN0003065 Opera 07/01 Wagner Ring Cycle,The (Comp  
CD CHN0003060 Opera 07/01 Wagner Twilight Of The Gods  
CD TLD0083022 Opera 06/01 Wagner Legendary Singers Of  
CD NAX0555386 Classical 05/01 Wagner Marches & Overtures  
CD OPP0001289 Classical 05/01 Wagner Tannhauser  
CD OPP0001297 Classical 05/01 Wagner Tristan Und Isolde  
CD CHN0003054 Opera 05/01 Wagner Reingold:Opera In 4  
DVD IME0005786 Opera 05/01 Wagner Lohengrin-Vienna Sta  
DVD IME0009277 Opera 04/01 Wagner Tristan Und Isolde  
DVD IME0005791 Opera 03/01 Wagner Tannhauser-National  
CD CHN0003045 Classical 02/01 Wagner Opera In 3 Acts-Sung  
CD CAP0074135 Opera 01/01 Wagner Ring Nibelungen  
CD CHN0003038 Classical 01/01 Wagner Valkyrie:Opera In 3  
CD FIN0004426 Classical 12/00 Wagner Music Of The Gods  
DVD PC0011461 Opera 12/00 Wagner Tannhauser  
CD OPP0001262 Opera 11/00 Wagner Rienzi  
CD MUA0001068 Opera 10/00 Wagner Die Meistersinger  
CD RCA068717B Classical 10/00 Wagner Maazel Conducts Wagn  
CD CHN0009870 Classical 10/00 Wagner Overtures & Preludes  
CD MUA0001067 Opera 10/00 Wagner Parisifal Act 3  
CD POL0469226 Classical 10/00 Wagner Panorama-Various  
CD POL0467124 Classical 10/00 Wagner Die Walkure,Act Iii  
CD OPP0009003 Opera 10/00 Wagner Siegfried  
CD TLD0029333 Classical 09/00 Wagner Die Meistersinger Vo  
CD CAP067405B Opera 08/00 Wagner Flying Dutchman  
CD CAP0067411 Classical 08/00 Wagner Lohengrin  
CD CAP0057004 Classical 08/00 Wagner Love Duets-Domingo-V  
CD POL0458238 Opera 08/00 Wagner Wagner Gala  
CD PLD0017402 Classical 08/00 Wagner Classical Masters Mi  
CD OPP0001236 Opera 07/00 Wagner Parsifal  
CD IRL0001330 Classical 06/00 Wagner Rienzi Overture  
DVD IME0006949 Opera 05/00 Wagner Tannhauser  
CD OPP0001237 Opera 05/00 Wagner Die Meistersinger Vo  
CD MUA0004009 Classical 04/00 Wagner Der Ring Des Nibelun  
CD CFP0072869 Opera 03/00 Wagner Die Meistersinger  
CD TXA0000040 Classical 03/00 Wagner Overtures & Preludes  
CD CBS0089035 Dvd Audio 01/00 Wagner Orchestral Highlts F  

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